Need bait and/or where to buy bait.

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    We will be fishing the Gateway Tournament on August 29, and we would like to find info. on where to find skip jack, shad or other baits for blues. We would prefer to buy bait in Festus or Crystal City but would be willing to stop along the way from Dubuque,Iowa. Can we catch shad in the Crystal City area? Please call me-563-552-2525 in the evening or I will try to check this site. I'm not on the computer that much, so wait for my reply, or reverse the phone charges if you call.

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    I fish the Mississippi river all the time, if you come down at least a day in advance you will be able to find bait. Shad, asian carp and or mooneye. Right now you can't go wrong with asian carp and mooneye, I don't have much luck using skipjack this time of year, although some guys swear by it, I have much much better luck on the asians and mooneye.

    Asians are plentiful everywhere in the Mississippi, check the slack water behind the wing dikes, they will really stack up in there. Use a throw net to get em.

    The mooneye on that stretch I'm not sure about, however if you cruise up to St Louis (approximately 20 miles up river) there are lots and lots of barges down there. If you throw a cast net behind the barges you will definately catch some mooneyes.

    Those are the "go-to" baits this time of year in this area. I won't be fishing this particular tourney this year, good luck to everybody that will be attending and fishing!

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    Just a heads up man anytime you need herring or skipjack send me a PM ... fish fish for them 3x a week i always have some mostly fresh on ice.Even this time a year i have a spot were i can get a few.:wink:

    To me the baits go like this ... again this is just me ..

    Fresh skipjack is top dog!! hands down.
    Fresh Mooneye aka herring is damn near close
    Fresh Bighead is decent ..

    I dont use frozen baits often but i would never freez bighead or herring

    im in St Louis county youll pass me on the way in to Festus crystal city.
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