Need alabama jug fishing ideas and rules

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    hi, we are going jug fishing on wilson lake below wheeler dam in a couple of weeks, what length line should my jugs have,what size hook, the best bait and also, is there a limit on how many you can use? thanks!
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    When you say 'Wheeler Dam' I assume that means reasonably close to the dam where there's a considerable current. I like jugging such areas because I do a lot better than when I try jugging calm waters in a lake. I try to make my juglines as long as possible without hanging up too often, and freefloat them down the current. I have droppers every 36" on my juglines so that I can have baits ranging from near the bottom to near the top, and all in between. Best bait is skipjack or fresh cut shad.
    As for Alabama regulations, check here: