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  1. cliff n york

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    south carolina
    im ready to buy some different hooks to try out during the winter.but i need to know what is a king kahle hook,do you use s.s. hooks are nickle plated :eek:oooh:
  2. mudkip

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    A lot of us use circle hooks. I also like Eagle Claw 42 if I am planning to take fish to eat. I never really used the kahle style hook but they are popular with a lot of folks.

  3. rivercatsc

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    Cliff king kahles are good for tightlining with big live baits for flatheads. I use them only for that purpose but I have mainly went back to inline circle hooks, Gamakatsu. I use a 8/0 but A 5/0 would probably better suit me and I have been thinking of trying some. The circle hooks are great for blues but if you dont have a goog wide gap in it you will miss some of you bigger flatheads which probablly wont be an issue in the winter. I would deffiteatly reccomened Gamakatsu cause they have a good price and stay extra sharp. I hope this helps and good luck.