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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Montgomery, Mar 28, 2007.

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    i want to fish for flatheads in a few local lakes i know and a few other lakes i know they're in . but unsure of bobber and sinker and hook size considering these waters wont have current. .i always have tried to use as little weight as possible in ponds and lakes. but useing a sllip bobber rig. with live bait. unsure. and fishing with a slip rig. is it hard to adjust the depth with your bait being able to swim where ever he wants. or will i still need a big old sinker and big bobber . to have decent bait and easy to adjust depth . ??? i'm wanting to spend some money tomorrow on must needed things. and since i cant find the hooks or sinkers or bobbers i want. at any of my local stores. was going to order from catfish connection. can anyone help me with my fishing question and tackle help . hopefully one of you who order from there can . tell me what is my best opption through them. thanks everyone for being such a blessing with your tips and advice. you all rock man !!!
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    at the present time im fishing 6 ft.deep in 40 ft water so im useing a swelvel for a bobber stop.this is so i can really heave my rig as far as i want to use enough weight to hold your bait down but not so much that it moves your bobber stop when you throw.hook size depends on size bait you will be useing.i mostly use 8/0 or 9/0 with 4 to 6 inch gills.

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    For your setup youll need about a 10-12" floater with a tattletail about 1-2oz sinker and a 8/0 hook. Heres my setup [Bead-floater-bead-bead-sinker-bead-swivle-leader-hook] i use a piece of a rubber band for a bober stopper. Works great. leader is 6-8"
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    HoFFMaXX has a good rig set up.
    To give yourself a little flexibility, leave a 2" tag on the knot you tie to your swivel. That way, if your weight isn't enough to keep your float upright and about half under water, pinch a shot or two onto the tag until it does.
    Good luck.
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    my rig is a bober stop,11 inch slip float,1 oz. egg sinker, #1 size barrel swivel,10 in.leader with a 6/0 hook.any live bait u can find is good.i like shad and small carp the best.or if u can c any structure such as logs ect.use 6/0 hook with a big split shot (enough weight to make ur baitfish struggle.)and pitch it at the structure.and slowly drag it around.this works for me.hopefully it will for u.
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    I am a sposor here on the BOC and I make Slip Float Bobbers That will handle any sized bait or sinkers you want to use. I came up with these originally for fishing for Flatheads. My Bobbers are called KatBobbers and they will handle that live bait with ease and also Cast very well. The way I have designed them is that they are flat on the top and bottom and are approx 2 5/8" in diameter. When the fish takes the bait it will in most cases set the hook for you. I would suggest when fishing about dusk is to set you depth of bait to 5 to 6 feet deep and cast along the shore in 8 to 15 feet of water. Flatheads at that time like to cruise looking for Gills or whatever live bait they can find. Use live bluegills (Bream) or live shad if you can get them. If the Flats are there you will catch them. No other bobbers compare to ours. If you want to check our products out go to my website: and click on the KatBobber Icon or just go Here: You can also buy them at Catfish Connection.