Need advice on controlling birds and flies.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by catfishjohn, Jun 20, 2006.

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    I need some help/advice,or should I say my dogs do.We've got a problem in our backyard with birds and flies.There are so many birds in our yard that everything back there has bird poo on it.Everytime I go out,it seems like hundreds(well at least 10-20) birds take off flying.They seem to be everywhere.I think thats where my fly problem is coming from.The flies are extremely bad back there.They are always swarming the dogs and us whenever were back there.This has caused a problem,our big Rott 'Harley' is always covered with them.They have gotten so bad that they've caused a big sore on his ear and are constantly covering it.I go out a cpl times a day and try to get them off,but they come right back.I'm afraid that their gonna lay eggs and cause maggots in his ear.I've also put ointment on his ear to try and heal it,but in no time their back.I've also tried a bandage but that lasts abt a minute.Is there anything I can do to try and keep the birds and flies to a minimum?I'd appreciate some advice and I'm sure Harley and Maggie will too.
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    I don't know about the birds other than start offing them one at a time with a pellet gun. I used to have a black lab that had the same fly problems with her ears and the vet prescribed an ointment to put on her ears that most definately repelled the flys away. I used it every year when I started to see the black flys swarming her kennel and they would leave her ears alone as long as I put the stuff on daily. I also used fly traps that looked like pint jars with some type of sticky fluid down in the bottom to trap them. I bought them at Tractor Supply I believe. Good luck.

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    try tieing some clean pie tins up in your trees are buy some bird seed and put it all over your neighbors yard:crazy: :crazy: no just kidding you might also putting up some plastic owls. all of these worked to keep crows and other birds out of our fruit trees and yard.