Need advice- Ocean Master or Breakaway

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by Douglas Foster, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Douglas Foster

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    SW Oklahoma
    I'm trying to decide on a new distance fishing rod. I've narrowed my choices down to the Ocean Master 12' Lite or the Breakaway LDX. I will be using Abu 7000 Pro Rockets with 4-5 ozs. of weight or occassionally a 6500 Blue Yonder with 3ozs. I normally use 50lb. Power Pro braid. Does anyone have any information or opinions on these two rods? Which would you choose and why? Thanks for the help, Doug
  2. boliver

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    Rudy Ark
    I have the ocean master and it is my favorite rod. If i had a choice i would definately get the Breakaway I have heard nothing bad about them. I don't think you can throw over 5 oz with either of them. If money is no object i woul get the ldx but the 12 ft ocean master is a good rod.

  3. LaBlueHunter

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    i own a 10ft ocean master and also own breakaway stingers breakaway rods are definiyly the real deal if they were still produceing the 14 ft stingers id buy a few more of them i have 3 now only reason i own a ocean master is for fishing the piers in galvestion i hada buy it on my last trip down there due to my other rods being to long for one of the piers you cant go wrong with either but the breakaway loads like a cannon an slings a mile i dunno about the rateing of the 2 your decideing between but i throw 8 an bait on both the ocean master an breakaways i have i have put 16 oz on my stingers fishin in the floodgates behind the dam
  4. wneubauer

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    McKinney, TX
    I'd have to say Breakaway if it fits in your budget, Ocean Master if you are more economy minded...
  5. kscathunter

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    I dont know if you looked at the 12' nitestik but its pretty nice and im betting its half as mutch as the other rods youre looking at.
  6. mrmarkedwards

    mrmarkedwards Active Member

    i own an ldx and can tell you its a great rod however it'll only cast 5oz max so that would be the only warning i'd give you. now 4oz and a small bait will cast a mile 3oz and a chunk is probably the sweetspot. mind you this rod was desinged for the florida coast pompano fishermen lightweight, strong, and longcasting just what you need for a light surf or bay surf and its right at home on a lake or river. now if you're trophy hunting checkout the hdx.