Need Advice for Boat fishing on a lake for flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Desode, May 30, 2009.

  1. Desode

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    Hey guys, I'm mostly a river guy and I do pretty good on the river. I also do alright on lakes for flatheads, but I'm just bankfishing at night so I find a good spot and wait on them to prowl.

    Sunday, I'm going on a week long trip to a lake here in Ohio. I'm even renting a boat. Now I have fished on this lake via boat for Bass and Crappie but never specific for Flatheads.

    I can just about catch Flatties on the river any time of the day, because I know the spots they lay in. Their on structure and bends where the current is bringing the food to them.

    What am I going to be looking for at the Lake ? There isn't really any current, unless I can find a creek moving into it some place.
    I know the water temp has been around 66 to 67 so I'm thinking the Flatheads are really on the prowl and looking for wood cover for spawn. I have been planning this trip based on these pre-spawn conditions.

    What advice can I get from you boat guys that fish for Lake Flatheads ? I'd appreciate anything you got.

    Thanks for your time and consideration, Matt AKA DESODE
  2. 1mickymoo

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    Edgerton, Kansas
    you're right looking for wood, same type of structure as rivers, even with no current, my advice, shallow and be very quiet, the rivers i fish are about 3 or 3.5 mph and I imagine very "noisy"(looks noisy ont the fishfinder. sound carries a long way in still waters. good luck

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    There is an article in the BOC member library that pretty much specifically addresses your question. I don't personally fish lakes but am going to when I get another chance.
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    Being quiet is of great importance. If you are planning of fishing a particular piece of cover or structure kill the engine back a ways and troll in with the trolling motor. If fishing through the day look at the channel. Look at the upper end of the lake, fish go up stream to spawn. With most fish up stream, flatheads will be feeding and they haveto feed up for the spawn. Good Luck and tight lines to ya. Hope this helps.
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    sunfish, k
    Im also new to Fishin for flats on a lake,Ive got a few spots picked out on a couple local area lakes.One spot Im going to hit up is a place I found in the winter while crappie fishin when the water was drawn down to winter pool.It has a major creek channel that goes into a bend ,at the bend up on the edge of the channel is a huge log jam thats probally 30ft by 30ft and 10ft high well at summer pool this is all under water its probally 20ft deep right now!There has got to be some huge Flats around that cover with the submerged channel and all!:big_smile:
  6. slikk03

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    i like to find wood and cover near the deeper areas, at night they rome a little, so stay close to structer, if you see one big long sandbar, with no structer, and shalow water,stay away fromn that, i like points, and wood, rock nearbuy