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    I'm trying to find an end cap for an "Albacore" level wind. It looks just like an old PENN. It is 3" across and 3" on the ends. The ends are Bakalite with chrome bands arount the outside edges. The opening that the end cap (axel support) screws into measures .2522 inches. Not sure of the thread pitch. Threaded opening has brass insert with threads. Can't find any other numbers or markings but it seems to be a good reel. Any help out there?
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    Here's a link for a schematic/parts lists for Albacore big game reels. No deminsions listed, but maybe the pictures can help.

    If it looks familar try calling this number I found on Shakespeare''s website.

    How do I order parts for my reel?

    All parts are available for reels five years old or less. Call the Service Center at 800-347-3759 or email To fill your order we need:
    • Reel model number
    • Part number from reel schematic
    • And possibly the color and approximate age of the reel
    ***If you are missing any of this information, have the reel handy and call us. We can help you determine what you need. And if this fails, mail the reel in to the Service Center in Columbia, SC. ***
    I hope this helps get you started in the right direction...Jeff