Need a new turkey blind

Discussion in 'Hunting Gear Talk' started by beeheck, Feb 2, 2006.

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    I have an Ameristep blind made with durashell and it shines like a new penny in the woods. Can't get a turkey within 60 yds before they spook away from it. Looking for a blind that is large enough to pull a bow back in, blackout interior, and not shiny. Would like to spend around $100.00 and don't use it enough to buy a $300.00+ blind. I see lots of them within my price range but they are made out of polyester and some made out of denier... are they shiny? I know I have a pair of boots with denier on them and they aren't shiny but I think it would be a different type on a blind. Looking for someone who has bought a blind that works for them so I know I'm getting one that works. I would advise anyone buying a blind not to buy one made of "durashell" unless your going to a party and want to stand out in a crowd.
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    The latest cablela book has some cheep blinds and some leif looking stuf tocammo them ,not a bad price eather
    BEWELL crmule

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    Thanks for the heads upabout the durashell. You could problay make your own by using the Mossy Oak camo burlap material that you can buy in sheets at any sporting good store or walmart.

    I made a ghille suit using the burlap material and an old fishin cast net. I cut the cast net up into sections and sewed it to an old set of cammies that I had, then but strips of the burlap material and pull it through the net and tie a knot, its going to take lots of time but its well worth it.