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  1. CharlieD

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    I am in the market for a rod & reel that will allow me to cast into the gates (about 120 Yards). I have seen a few guys below L & d 12 that do it and it looks easy. I have bought a couple of long rods and the best I can do is about 85 Yds. I am sure it's in the rod and Reel so what do i need. I'm 6-2(155 lbs)56 years old and not the strongest guy around but I sure would like to be able to get to the gates when the current doesn't allow me to run my remote boat.
  2. Bait Boat

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    Charlie I have a 13 ft meat hunter and a abu 10.000 that can reach them
    I think its' mostly techniqe I know guys that can throw over them. Its a
    little closer at 13. I have not got to use remote boat all year. Been catching some good one;s drifting below 13

  3. Baitkiller

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    I have 4- 10' Spinning outfits and don't get no 85 yds so you are off to a great start.

    I've never practiced my technique YET but come up about 7-9 yds short of others around me. Thats using 8 oz of lead and 1/2 oz an 1/2 of an 11 in Shad.

    CharlieD, are you needing conventional reel help?

    There are tons of little tricks that can be found on the INTERNET including proper techniques. Even ways to rig your baits better as to help them cut thru the air better.

    Good Luck
  4. tallmanrus

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    Regan , you like that meat hunter . theres a place here in sheridan that sells them and ive been looking at them myself.
  5. jtrew

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    You mentioned that you already have a couple of rods & reels. What are they? And it's not all in the rod; technique plays a big part, too.
  6. Bait Boat

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    I've got four of them had'nt had anything go wrong. They are the
    next thing to a fenwick. I've got a little 10ft that I snag spoonbill with.
    I'm trying to get me a F&F boat built soon.
  7. Catcaller

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    Go to, and punch in "Predator rod". (I tried to post the link, but it wouldn't work.)

    I have an 11' medium action Predator casting model with an Ambassadeur Rocket 6600...spooled with 30 lb Power Pro braid line.

    The casting model is only available in Medium action.

    The spinning model is available in medium, as well as medium heavy.

    I routinely land 30 lb plus blue cats while wadefishing, and 50 lb + spoonbill out of the boat with this combo...and I swear by it.

    This is my second Predator...the only time I could get it to break was accidentally slamming the first one in the screen door when carrying it inside....breaking off 6" of the tip.

    I've had it bent over double...the tip below the handle...and it takes the abuse routinely. This is the new rod's 3 rd season.

    As far as casting long of the critical steps to achieving this is to use smaller diameter lines...the proper equipment...and the right angle of release.

    IMO...the braid lines have come a long way since the oval shaped spiderwire of yesteryear...all the major brands are round now...and are very well suited to casting long distance.

    Making superior castability as well as strength a reality with spinning tackle.

    I can cast the Predator 11 footer 75 yards using only a 3 oz bank sinker without even hardly trying...and achieving 100 yards plus takes but only a little more effort.

    Some people don't like the braid because they fish clear water...and it tends to stick out.

    Fireline came out with a crystal color selection. I hear good things about it.

    I buy red Power red is the first color to disappear under water....6 feet under water...and then it gets harder for the fish to see.

    Although red admittedly is harder for me to see at night time in comparison to the hi vis yellow shade I use on my other rods.

    Casting over rocks will chew braid up...but it still has great staying power.

    You should invest in one of those Predator rods tho...especially if it's live or cut bait on a smaller sinker that you desire...they have alot of whip action when you cast.

    They're worth the $60 for sure.
  8. kmcalester

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    Has anyone tried the Okuma 13 foot?
  9. roostermandave

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    Cypress Bayou, ARKANSAS
    charlie i have a 15 fter brakes down nice with a viper spin caster reel on it i only used twice and it has 65 ibs test spider wire on it , will sell it to you if you are interested for $125.00