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  1. samuraitey

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    i fish a lot in the whiskey slough part of the Tracy delta and i only catch the small to medium size cats. i'm looking for some bait tips and locations to get those big boys. remember im fishing off the bank:roll_eyes:
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    Eugene, Or.
    Welcome to the BOC, Dionte.
    I'm afraid I cant help you, the last time I fished there (about a month ago) I didn't catch anything larger than 10":embarassed: .

  3. shania

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    San Leandro, Ca
    Hey Dionte,

    I'll try to help you out on this one, :confused2:
    I too don't own a boat myself, but I love to fish the Delta as much as possible.:big_smile:

    Frist for all I would like to :0a25: you to the B.O.C. :big_smile:

    Now about that problem:

    The first thing I would do when I go up to the Ca. Delta is try to fish in an area that is "Quite".
    Find an area that is not to popular with water sports of anykind (Jet Sking, Swimming, Water Sking ect.)

    There are some nice size fish in the Delta, but they are smart & don't like popular area like Resorts & Harbors , until night time comes & its "Quite".

    If you were to find an area like that & fish with some "cutbait (Shad)" or a "Credit Card Size Bluegill", You"ll be surprise what would come through there appetite. :wink:

    Take it easy & Good Luck to ya,
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:

    :worship: :0a23:
    Bert & Phil
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    Welcome to the BOC! Afraid I don't know the area you are talking about but bluegil and cut bait is good. Best of luck.