Need a little help on making adjustable depth stationary juglines

Discussion in 'Alternative Methods of Catching Catfish' started by LFMCameron, Oct 11, 2017.

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    I fish a variety of depths and am starting to target trophy flathead. I am using 1lb weights and it is a must to keep them from drifting in the channels I am fishing. Are there any simple methods to quickly secure the line from spooling off or a jug I could build that has the capability of any depth I want?
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    I use a heaver weight to hold mine in place. You can use almost anything. I like to use starter off lawnmower and cars that works good. Also you can get a solo cup fill it with cement put a rod with a loop on the end. Don't forget to bend the rod so it don't pull out of the cement.
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    If I understand the question, you are looking for a way to easily adjust the depth your fishing at without having to deal with excess line wrapped around the jug?

    One trick you might try...

    Use 2-liter soda bottles. Drill a hole in the lid a tiny bit smaller than the line you're using. Find some buttons that are small enough to fit inside the neck of the bottle and have 3 or 4 holes that are big enough to run your line through. Put 50-75 feet of line(or whatever range you need inside the bottle), run the tag end through the several of the button holes, out through the hole in the lid, tie on a swivel, then screw on the lid.

    You should be able to adjust the depth by taking the lid off and sliding the button up and down the line. For insurance, tie a washer securely to the unused end of the line inside the bottle. Then, If you do have an accident and the button doesn't hold, you will still have the washer to prevent all of the line escaping and losing the fish(or tackle).
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    When I set mine each is set for that location and depth, they are made on the boat as you go. The weight is a folgers coffee container with 4- 6"spikes pushed through the walls with some nail sticking out on the inside for the cement to get hold of, fill it with quick crete, take a all plastic rope and tie knots on each end and shove it in the cement--1 jug weight that will last for years. I mark where I want to put the jug with a marker, come back around and tie your line to your weight and let it out to the bottom, and a couple more feet and cut it and pull your weight up and tie on the number of hooks you want, bait it and go back to your marker and start letting out your line at the marker and let go --Custom Set for each area.