Need a little help for this fall and winter, PLEASE!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by catchaser1, Sep 10, 2006.

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    Anderson S.C.
    I do alot of flathead and blue fishing on the local lake, Hartwell, in s.c. I plan to continue to fish throughout the fall and winter. I need a little help from everyone on how to pattern these fish for fall and winter fishing. Im trying to come up with some type of plan to be successful. We are going to be having some catfish tournaments throughout this time. Right now Im catching fish anywhere from 10-35 feet of water. So do the fish just keep moving deeper for the up coming winter or what? Ive been fishing points, humps, and ledges with success. Maybe a little deeper and a little bit deeper as it cools off?:lol:
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    The last 2 years this has been our strategy:

    We drift fish 90% of the time, if not more. We set out to get bait at first. In my opinion nothing can beat shad for blues, especially during the winter/fall. We usually try and get some big shad or carp for our biggest rods and use the smaller shad on our lighter gear.

    We use a stinger rig drifted near the bottom using a bobber rig(dont knwo what its called). You set your rig as follows, first your stinger rig, then about a 12 inches up you set a large bobber, large enough to suspend your bait, then another 3-4 feet up you set a large weight, large enough to keep your bobber down. The end result is you have a weight dragged the bottom, and a bait suspended several feet off the bottom.

    Drift this over the main channels, or anywhere you think fish might be active. Follow shad schools if you can find them as well. The fish should be a bit deeper this time of year since the theramcline should be breaking up, and the fish retreat to cooler water.

    We start fish this method around october-november in our area and catch alot of blues.