Need a good recipe for venison steaks

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by truckin4x4, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. truckin4x4

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    columbus, Ohio
    Hey can anyone help me out with making some venison steaks. my wife has never eat venison and i would love for to get a taste for it. i need a idea also on how to taim down the wild taste in it. becouse you know that it doesn't taste like just ordanary meats from the market.
    Thanks in advance
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    I have tired so many ways to fix steaks,but here is the best one for me.
    take a little bit of light oil and real butter in frying pan,coat steak with light amount of flour,fry for about 7 to 9 minutes on both sides.When they are finished,take a knife and scrap of the flour. Then get a medium size mixin bowl,take about 1/4 cup of A1 sauce,1/4 cup of worcestershire,about 2 teaspoons of brown sugar,and then add some Texas Pete,to your taste,salt and pepper,and then let it simmer ,with a lid on the frying pan ,for about 5 minutes on both sides.Hope that you enjoy it.I sure do.

    Here is a good one for a pot roast to.
    About a 3 to 5 pound roast,in a deep pan.with about 2 cups of water.Take the roast and slice a deep cut right in the middle,then add about 4 to 5 teaspoons of Welch's grape jelly in the cut,put in oven for about 20 minutes and let it cook on about 350 degree's,the 1/4 potates,onions,celery,carrots,salt and pepper,and then cook it for about 1hr on 400,or until potates are done along with veggies.Oh I have eat deer meat all my lfe.It's good for you.:big_smile:

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    ive always grilled them, put 1/4 cup of bulls-eye BBQ sauce(that stuff is my world:smile2: ), 1/4 cup of A1, 1/4 cup of worchester in a bowl and mix them together real good(you can do this a few times if you need more sauce but dont mix more than 1/4 cup at a time together), then brush it on the steaks, put some salt, however much you like, i like alot but if you like just a little you can use any amount you want, a little pepper, same as salt, as much as you want on the steaks and put them on the grill and after theve been on the grill for just a few minutes add just a little(i mean LITTLE) sliver of butter on each steak. i like em done enuf for the blood to be about 85% gone, with beef i like them cooked medium rare, but with venison i just dont think it taste right. its hard to say how long it will take since it almost always is differnt time for me, after your done add a few more drops of worchester to each steak and whatever sides you like, i prefer my moms famous cheese biscuits and some deep fried fresh cut potato wedges. enjoy!
  4. flathead willie

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    For people who haven't tried it before I slow cook it. Put it in a deep skillet with a can of Cream Of Mushroom soup, 1/4 can of water, a little salt and pepper, and simmer about an hour or until tender. Serve with rice or mash potatoes.
  5. WylieCat

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    First, do not try to convince anyone it is supposed to taste like beef, or try to cook it to taste that way. It never has and never will. It is what it is.

    Most of that so called "wild taste" come from improper care immediatley after the kill. Make sure you take the proper steps in field preparation. Reduce the temperature of the animal as quickly as possible. This means field dressing and moving the animal to a deer cooler or placing it on ice. Make sure the meat is allowed to hang in a deer cooler for at least five days to allow for aging unless you are grinding the meat for burger.

    The backstraps are one of the best parts for steaks. Cut them into 3/4"-1" strips, wrap in bacon, and bake in the oven. YUmmmmm! :big_smile:
  6. truckin4x4

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    columbus, Ohio
    first thanks for all the recipes. yeah i feild dressed the deer right and it was cooled properly to. i am just trying to cooki it so that my wife will like it but i think that she has already made up her mind not to eat it. she is a city slicker just like her mom.
  7. TA2D

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    Go buy a cheap bottle of red wine, and let the steaks marinade in the wine for at least 2-3 hours, or overnight even, it cuts some of the gamey taste from the meat and gives it a wonderful aromatic flavor. If ya don't believe me just ask ol SudDawg and CrayzeeCade.

    Aaron Drier

  8. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    a good hickory bbq sauce is a good cover for people who are game shy. I just tried a good dry rub. Not hot but just right & savory. Instead of rubbing it with oil before applying the rub, I used bacon fat.

    If your doing more then 2 steaks-

    1/4 c brown sugar
    1/4 c paprika
    1/4 c chile powder
    1/4 c blk. pepper
    1 tblsp dry mustard
    3 tblsp garlic powder
    1 tblsp sea salt

    Here it is halved

    2 tblsp. of each- brown sugar, paprika, chile powder, blk. pepper
    1 1/2 tsp. dry mustard
    4 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
    1 1/2 tsp. salt
  9. suddawg

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    Taste so good make you wanta slap yo momma :lol:

  10. 223reload

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    I just dredge in seasoned flour and panfry then make skillet gravy with the drippings
  11. punkin570

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    i would suggest startin her out on somethin less drastic as a steak. i would suggest gettin some ground and use as you would ground beef. either make it in spaghetti, meatloaf, tacos, or something like that. use it as you would any ground beef. most seasonings will help to blend the flavor real well. i like it best cause when you start out with a pound of ground deer, after cookin you still have a pound of ground doesnt cook away like beef does......i am bad about not tellin its deer til its been eaten tho, it keeps them from pre-judgin it.
  12. Blue Duck

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    pan fried backstrap, rolled in Krusteze Bake & Fry is hard to beat. Use a cast iron skillit with about 1/8 inch of oil and fry with med heat. Don't over cook. Add salt and pepper....... it don't get any better......
  13. Believer

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    I like to marinade mine in Italian dressing over night and then grill them. It is very good! :big_smile:
  14. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    I second Dieter's post on game care. If you treated USDA Prime beef the way some guys do their deer, it would be inedible.

    Put a bit of olive oil in a cast iron skillet, and get 'er hot. Add a clove of chopped garlic...when it's smokin' hot, add your venison (around 5/8" thick), and cook it for about 2 minutes/side.

    A note here: venison has virtually no fat, so it cooks very fast. It's almost impossible to undercook it.

    Deglaze your skillet with the same red wine you've been drinking, and pour the sop over rice.

    Dig in.
  15. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    Our deer season just ended today. My 14 y/o grandson and his friend are outside cleaning the 3 fat does we took in the closing minutes, and it brings to mind a favorite recipe for grilling the tenderloin or the backstrap.
    Undercook vs overcook and enjoy. I use the marinade listed, but you can substitute whatever you like:

    1 tsp. Garlic Salt 1 Tbsp. Salt 1 Tbsp. Pepper
    ½ tsp. Oregano ½ tsp. Celery Salt 1 Tbsp. Sugar

    1 Cup Oil ¼ cup Vinegar ¼ cup Soy Sauce ¼ cup Worcestershire Sauce

    1. Mix dry ingredients together. Add oil, vinegar, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce and mix all together.
    2. Add to meat in bowl or zip-lock bag. Mix well and allow to sit for at least 3 hours or overnight.
    3. If short on time, rub meat down with dry ingredients and then mix all others and pour over meat. It could be ready in 20 minutes.
    4. Cook Tenderloin 12 - 15 minutes, turning 2 or 3 times.
    5. Cook backstrap about 20 minutes on grill (5 minutes on each turn).

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    heres one i did. ya can use any all pourpose spice but i used our sponsers texas select seasonings. man the rock on venison.

    took a large round steak (venison) and coated with an all pourpose rub from tss. the basic beef blend.

    cut 4 oz of white button mushrooms 1/2ed and 1/2 large onion into strips and 1/2 green pepper large diced. and 3-5 large garlic cloves whole.

    place the venison in a large skillet and add veggies to the side with a couple spoons of butter and begin to fry on med heat. illistrated in pic #1

    after is simmers a bit flip the steak and stir veggies, add butter if needed.
    add 4-5 pepperoncinni at this time. fry on this side untill med rare. well done venison gets dry. pic #2

    at this time i added 1/2 of a pickled orange habenaro to the steak. optional. many couldnt get past the first bite,lol. you can leave out or use jalapeno.:cool2:

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    after the steak is done remove and top with the pepper onion mix.

    this can also be made with strips of venison or diced and placed on sweet bread and served with aw-jus gravy fo itialian sandwitchs.

    i served mine whole with potato.

    this is a very easy rec and has great results.
  18. catgetter1

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    Mr. Rich, my complements that recipe sounds like good eats and will be tried here (skip the Haberneros, add Chili Pequienns) THANKX............

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    ah ya got them little hotties there too hugh. i get samples from wild bill in texas. our sponser tss. sent me seeds this season and grew a few.:003:
  20. 1sporticus

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    Try some Viva Italian dressing. Marinate them at least 4 hours, longer if you can, and cook over a grill. The herbs and spices will penetrate the meat, and it gives it a good flavor. The wife and all people who say they don't like deer like the way I do it. Believer your right on track. maybe it's a tristate thing? Later Andy