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    Hey guys I am needing a place to take my GF fishing for big cats. Not asking for anyone's honey hole just someplace pleasant. We fish mostly Hefner and sometimes Overhoulser. She is wanting some place with moving water and someplace were my truck can make it so she does not have to walk to far. I think its a security thing being close to the truck. Also she would like to fish all night. Equipment should not be an issue. She has two 12ft heavy spinning setups she uses at Hefner on the dam and 2 - 8ft poles she uses everywhere else.

    I have looked at Keystone but do not know the area at all or how to get there. I would like to find some place below a dam with some flowing water or just a nice location on a decent river. Nothing to big. I would just like to put her in a place where even if the big ones were not biting she could still catch some 5-10# cats.

    If anyone knows of such an area within about an hour or so of OKC please let me know.
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    If you want a good chance to catch a good fish you should probably go to Keystone or Texoma. If you are looking for something close you ought to check out Elreno Lake. I don't know much about it, but it used to have the state record a couple of years ago for a 60 + lb flattie. I drove around it the other day and there is a lot of bank access, especially on the west end.