Need a few suggestions for my new pontoon please?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by buster1395, Jul 22, 2008.

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    Well I just got a new 25' Sweetwater pontoon with a 150 Mercury Verado motor. Man this thing is nice and will give me much more catfishing room than the aluminum boat I was using. I just have a few questions if anyone can answer for me.

    1) I'm trying to find a nice rod holder setup for drifting. However my problem is that several of my seats on the boat are about 6" above the square railing and I cant find any adjustable rod holders that will clear the seats and not scuff them up. I want to be able to drift with the rod tips up or drift with the rod parallel with the water. I like the Lil Duo holder made by driftmaster but I cant find it with a long shaft.

    2) We are looking for some type of temporary made to fit floor covering for those nasty catfishing trips. I dont want to be scrubbing this carpet when I get back. I realize that some people get the floor sprayed with line x or rhino lining but I do like the carpet when it comes to just joy riding with the family and no way will the wife let me rip up the carpet. So does anyone know of someone that makes temporary vinyl flooring that will just lay right over the carpet?

    3) Anyone got any suggestions for night fishing setups on a pontoon? Such as lighting the floor so we can see to walk around but nothing that attracts the bugs. Also might be interested in some permanent under deck lights that will shine in the water as bait attractant light?

    4) Last question is for anyone that might have a Lowrance 520C depth finder. I just cant figure out the settings for it. I get all kinds of black mess on the screen no matter what settings I use. I also got the eastern hotspots map for it but have no clue how to work that either.

    Thanks for any help, Chris.
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    Call Driftmaster they do and will make the lil duo with the long shaft but I would HIGHLY reccomened gettting the 1/2" shaft not the 3/8" cause they will break. I took the front bench seats out of mine but its for fishing only. For the carpet get a few cheap commercial mats from lowes they will lay flat in the bottom of the boat and can be removed to be sprayed off at the end of the day. Believe me you dont want to be scrubbing the slime out of your carpet. I use two neon green LED lights in the boat fro night fishing when I need to see but mainly keep them off. Congrats on the new boat. I hope this helps some.

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    Would highly recommend the 1/2"(nothing less) lil duo rod holders by drift master. Have had a couple of the 3/8" break till I upgraded.As for the floor, that will be trial and error, but the matt idea sounds good. I would try the led rope lights. Can use the 110volt ones with a converter if you can't locate any 12 volt ones. Good luck on the new boat.
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    I would definitly try the led rope lights for the interior. The ones I use are 12v from cabellas. They dont attract the bugs at all and are just bright enough so u dont trip over things. As far as the rod holders go you can legnthen them yourself with threaded rod and couples from lowes or home depot, but like they said defintly use the 1/2 inch.
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    I use the Lowrance 522 C wich is the same unit with GPS.Set your chart speed and ping speed to 100%. I have to play with the sensitivity depending on depth but you are looking for a slightly peppered look on the screen. One good thing is to go to their website and download the emulator for your unit and you can practice with it on your home computer. Also make sure you dont have the unit in the night vision mode...this will give you a black screen with magenta highlites but is real helpful when running at night when you dont want to be blinded by a white screen. These are real nice units and once you get comfortable with it ......youll love it.
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    and to follow up with what Ken wrote: if you go to the lowrance website, you can download a free emulator for your unit that will allow you to play with all the settings on your pc, but if your unit has just recently started acting up, maybe you would do well to reset all the options to default and start fresh.
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    I contact driftmaster by email and they have extensions for the 1/2' duo pro. They offered them for me but I worked out my issues with the rail clamp.
    Nice people-They even offered to take mine back after use if I was not a satisfied customer.
    Great boat-good luck
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    Alot of good info here. As far as the lights go, the green lights work real well. I attract and catch alot of shad and herring with the ones I use.