Need a Catfishing buddy in or around Lakeland, FL

Discussion in 'LOCAL FLORIDA TALK' started by Sampson, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Sampson

    Sampson New Member

    Hey guys,

    New to the forums. This place is great!

    I used to Catfish in Ohio all the time but since moving to Lakeland,FL I have not had a chance to get out with anyone who wants to catfish.

    I don't have a boat or anything yet but I am willing to drive to wherever to meet up with some good people and put some lines in the water.

    Preferably on the weekends but I can do some night fishing through the week as long as I can be in early enough to get to the office the next day! haha

    I've been forced to bass fish since I can't find anyone to catfish with. If any of you guys are interested, give me a shout. I'm looking forward to learning quite a bit here and meeting some good people.

  2. Big Country01

    Big Country01 New Member

    hey sampsom,
    i got a few holes around the plant city area if you are intrested..i have caught some nice ones out of all of them...just let me know and i will turn you on to them...