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Discussion in 'Ersel's Gridiron Talk' started by bownero, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. bownero

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    Hastings, Ne.
    GO BIG RED!! What a nail biter! Glad to see the Huskers finally pulled it off in the end. We needed this victory! Even though the Huskers made alot of mistakes and Clemson scored on the Turnovers, The Mighty Big Red got the win. Great job to the boys and Coach Pelini. Awesome!!:wink:

    Nebraska - 26
    Clemson - 21
  2. CheeseBalls

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    GO Huskers! The second they brought Pelini in good thing wouls happen and they did. Congrats to all the playes for fishing the season off big against Clems.
    Can't wait till next year, GO BIG RED!

  3. ChannelCatBen

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    The Gator Bowl wasn't a pretty win, but we'll take it. It was a good game against a good team. Clemson has some pretty classy fans, unlike Colorado.

    I am really looking forward to the '09 season. I don't expect a BCS berth just yet, but hey, stranger things have happened. Look at Bob Stoops' second year.

    Helu and Castille will be a great combo. Zac Lee looks like he knows what he's doing... Let's hope that he stays healthy.

    But I'm really pumped up to see the Blackshirts in action again, after improving so much last year. Suh could put himself into position to go 1st round in the 2010 NFL draft if he stays on the course he is on.

    There is no place like Nebraska. GO BIG RED!