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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by 223reload, Apr 21, 2007.

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    Well the next door neighbours ,poor homeschoolwed son who, by the way seems to have a problem with assotiating with good kids threw a party yesterday afternoon and there were all sorts of derelic punks running in and out ,I put up with the hot-rodding punks and loud music and the fact that I know only one of the ten or so were of legal age ,and there was a lot of beer swigging ,and who knows what else . This morning while making coffee one young man was relieving himself outside ,with no concern as to my home. A little later I decided ti till my garden plot.... Damn wheres the 5 gal. gas can ,full of gas? a look over to the party boys and low an behold there it is in the back of one of the trucks parked in the drive. So I called the cops and got a full apology, plus a liers explanation as to I ran out of gas an they brought me the can,funny when I got it back it was still full! My son said it was'nt smart cause now they'll be gunning for me but this is B.S. what is mine is mine and I hate a thieving coward.
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    I can undrestand your frustration buddy.


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    Way to stand your ground. When the you know what hits the fan don't take any prisoners. Its time we dug in and took it back from these butt holes!

    I see you are a heavy equipment operator. Get creative on em. LOL!
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    No one should have to put up with that garbage (literally and figuratively). I was putting out my parents garden this morning and found 2 empty beer bottles from the trash living in the rental house next door :angry:
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    Where are the parents these days. I was told by a good friend of mine who is a licenced Socialworker/Family Therapist that in a nearby town not far from me.The parents when there teens become of age(whatever that means) all get together in this town and they throw a huge drinking party.The Children are all allowed to get extremely intoxicated as long as they never leave the premises. The parents stand around and chaperone,and it's been going on for years.My friend ask me if I was aware this was going on,and I was struck speechless.What kind of a parent would allow this to happen. Our world is swiftly going down the toilet. I hope you haven't just opened for yourself a huge can of worms(punks are punks) but I agree with katfish50 Stand your Ground!!! These Children need some adults to show and prove to them that when they do wrong it's butt kicking time! It angers me to pieces that parents no longer care what their kids are doing as long as their not being bothered. I will garentee you my girls KNOW,if they cross the line they won't deal with their Dad they will deal with me!! I expect them to be ladies and to act like ladies,and if it's anytime proven to me that they aren't I have ways to take care of it,and it's not at all abusive but it gets the point across!!:crazy: :angry_2:
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    You did the right thing Rich, dont give them punks an inch, if you do they will take a yard.
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    It seems anymore that scum bags, thieves and other forms of low-life are taking over the country. The honest, hard working, law abiding citizen is becoming a minority. It won't be long before crap hits the fan cause real Americans are about fed up with dirt bags!!!
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    Richard, I'd call the cops and have them bust their sorry drunk little a$$es next time they had a party. There's no sense in you having to put up with it. If you did that, they'd find an easier place to get smashed.

    I know this because I was a high school drunk once too. The rule was: avoid cops at all costs. If you call the cops on the high school boozers, they'll move on to greener pastures. You absolutely do not have to put up with it.
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    Sounds like they could use a good thumpin'
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    I feel ya brother...Last night my stupid drunken neighbor came home at 2:00 A.M. and started revving his lil subaru's engine for like 1/2 hour!!!...Oh, I'm gonna definately say something to him today....You can just bet on that...OORAH!

    I'll pay the fine... I'm just that mad! My BedRoom window is right over the driveway too. :sad2:

    You should have called the cops as soon as you knew that they was drinking!
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    My internal makeup wont allow me to have neighbors.
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    You did right man, you were smart to call the police, I can't say my Dad would have done the same, it might have turned ugly out there....:lol:

    Seriously, it seems things are only getting worse everywhere. Luckily my neighbors are nothing like that, all of them except for one are VERY snobby type people though that don't seem to like us, but it's one of those things where we stay out of thier way and they stay out of ours....I wish they would just be friends with us but as long as they don't cause trouble I guess it's no huge deal, right?
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    I love my neighbors! :big_smile:
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    I dislike neighbors. I want my neighbor to be.....a cpl miles at the closest.