Near Fatal Worm Incident

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by GaryF, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    There is a bait shop in town that is proud, and rightly so, of the size and liveliness of the nightcrawlers they sell, which are raised locally instead of imported from Canada. Each time you purchase them, the owner will dump the container out into a scoop so that you can look them over. On this particular visit I just remember seeing a whole mess of big crawlers. I went out and used just one or two to catch perch with, and when I got home I put the container with the rest in a crisper tray in the refrigerator like I usually do, much to Tiffany’s dismay.

    A few days later I needed to catch bait again, so I took the worms out and opened the lid to make sure they hadn’t gone moldy or something. I couldn’t see any, so I took it outside where I could dump some dirt out. There were no worms? My first thought was that I had gotten ripped off, but as I thought about it I knew that I had gotten a good container full. In a panic, I checked the fridge again… No worms were found in the bottom of the crisper tray or wandering around the fridge. Maybe they got out in my car, but I hadn’t noticed any new smells?

    So I went and got more worms and caught my bait, but this continued to perplex me. When I got home I looked through the fridge again, and noticed that something just wasn’t right with the cauliflower, which was sealed in plastic wrap. There they were! :0a5: Every one of them had managed to wiggle in through the plastic wrap, and they were squeezed in there between the plastic wrap and the cauliflower, looking content in their new home.

    The fatal part would have come if Tiffany had gone to get the cauliflower and discovered this before I did. My fishing days would be over. :eek:oooh:
  2. dougc

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    I can't stand cauliflower! The worms might have made it taste better!

  3. keeyaawww dat would have been baad i gaurrr-aaaaan-tee
  4. KansasKatter

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    WOW!! You are lucky you found them..........I can't imagine what my wife would have done. Lucky for me, we have another fridge in the garage, specifically for me to keep beer and bait in.
  5. jailcop2

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    They can be very sneaky lol .
  6. teaysvalleyguy

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    LMAO, you are lucky she did not find em first brother. hehehe Would of been your last day keeping bait in the fridge.
  7. tomcat85

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    GOOD good story hahaha. im always afraid something like that is going to happen to me lol
  8. cat tamer

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    I new someone would come up wait a use for cauliflower. Thank you.
  9. ka_c4_boom

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    i remedy this with two refridgeraters lol could see that going wrong
  10. rodpod

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    Well atleast the worms liked the stuff. Good story. LOL
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    my family used to have a house on a lake in hot springs ark. and on one trip, i left a thing of worms on the counter. we came back a few months later or so and they were dead and dried up EVERYWHERE! even on the walls, which i had no idea they could do. one was real close the phone on one of the walls. me and my parents joke about how he was trying to call 911 for him and his buddies :roll_eyes:
  12. Itch2Scratch

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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri win big fish award in the tournament and now must be the luckiest fellow I have ever seen.:roll_eyes: ....LOL
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    Yeah you would have definitely been in some trouble. As it is I have a hard time keep bait in the fridge.
  14. channelcat_tracker

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    hey cauliflower is GOOD especially steamed! mmmmmmmmmmmmm thats a treat. kill the worms before the cauliflower!:lol:
  15. ldp4657

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    Two Egg, Florida
    I would be worm food if my wife caught any of my left over bait in the fridge!! You're one lucky dude.
  16. catfishcentral

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    Ha Ha! that was pretty good. Funny how women don't like stuff like worms crawling around in the refrigerator.
    I remembered one reason I don't clean fish at home very much. A month ago I cleaned a 20 pound flathead at the house and the garbage man wouldn't be coming for a few days. Instead of letting it get ripe in the trash cans and making a big smelly mess I dug a hole in the compost pile. Well the our new dog found it and dug it up and chew on it for a day then the maggots and smell in 100 degree heat made it pretty ripe. She called me on the phone to give me a few choice words and having to clean it up and dispose of it properly. Not to mention how bad the dog smelled and having to give it a bath.
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    DANG !! Now you got me checking my fridg 3-4 times a day. :waaaht:
  18. laidbck111

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    a little protien never hurt anyone, but the misses might if she found it first. lol
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    I am sure happy my wife still lets me store the crawlers in the fridge. It took me 2 years of annoying her before she consented. Now shes so into fishing that she grabs em up and packs em away in the cooler for me... just like the people food we take. Now if I could just stop her from eating the shrimp before I can use em as bait we'd be all set.

    catfishcentral... I got one just like your story.

    5 years ago I caught a limit of salmon flyfishing back when my wife and I still lived in an apartment. I came home with 50 lbs of fish at 3:00 am and started cutting em up. well, I used the trash and the garbage disposal both to take care of the big parts, the offal and the eggs. heh heh....
    What I didnt know is that when things back up in the drain they usually go the path of least resistence... like for instance, the dishwasher.

    10 lbs of salmon eggs made their way into a dishwasher that we only used maybe once a week... cause with 2 adults you just dont fill it up that fast.

    3 days later I got a call while I was at work. The wife opened the dishwasher finally. I told her to leave it for me to clean up... but she had already gotten to it. I had no idea- I though that when they went down the hole in the sink they were gone... but nope.

    Now dead fish is bad... rotten fish eggs though.... (as Ernest P Warrel woud say) "Eeeeeeehhhheeeewwwww"!!!:crazy: :crazy:

  20. uptoolate

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    Canyon Lake, Texas
    What a great story. It's a good thing they didn't get into anything important!