NCWRC Biologists To Speak at CCC Meeting

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    I wanted to make everyone aware that biologists from the NCWRC will be speaking at the September meeting of the Carolinas Catfish Club September 10th at the Gander Mountain store in Mooresville, NC. The meeting is open to the public, free, and everyone is welcome to attend.

    The main topic will be the blue catfish research they are conducting on Lake Norman and Badin Lake. This research is running in conjunction with the new 32" harvest restriction the Carolinas Catfish Club introduced in 2007. The weighing and aging of blue catfish in these lakes is ground breaking research never before attempted in North Carolina by the NCWRC.

    Since I am sure many of you from other parts of the state will not be able to attend, please post any questions you would like for us to pass along to the biologists.
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    north carolina
    I will be there. Have read the State report on the catfish population in LKN?

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    This work was presented a couple times at the club meetings. Some interesting points in summary:

    LKN blues exhibit some genetic differences compared to blues in other reservoirs and grew at a slower rate

    Small blues ate a lot of aquatic vegetation in the winter and that varied from the lower to upper lake--I would have thought they feasted on winter kill shad but not so according to the study

    Tracking studies revealed that blue catfish travel great distances in the spring to spawn--I found this a very important fact in locating fish in other Catawba lakes Lake Wateree in particular

    Many other points to ponder but a nice work and the first that the Carolinas Catfish Club was involved in. Brother Mac please elaborate on some finer points I may have omitted.
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    In the past I've noticed blues on Tillery eating vegitation. I always thought when they grab clams on the bottom the grass comes along with it.