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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by CKT, Aug 16, 2008.

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    NC is proposing opening deer season next year and allowing hunters to use the weapon of their choice!! this means for us bowhunters after the first day you might as well give up on bow because the deer will be hard to hunt with guns popping everywhere! I have talked to many hunters at Bass Pro and Gander mtn and no one i have talked to is for this ! bass pro in concord had a meeting about the issue and only allowed people who were in the industry and that owned shops inside . Heard they had a guy from CO who hadbeen to Raleigh fighting the issue and he was tell ing the people what he thought would happen! The Dept of Insurance is behind all of this they say too many deer are getting hit by cars every year ! Maybe they need to increase the bag limit? Bow hunters need to fight this if you are for it ! You can read more on the website or the regulations digest !
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    im from nc till 10 monthes ago lived thear all my life i agree with you thats nuts what are thay thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused2::confused2::confused2:

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    I killed a few deer with a bow during the firearms season last year. It's more rewarding to me. But every now and then I feel the need to break out the 7mm and make a little noise. Shooting a deer on the other side of a bean field can be exciting also.

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    Thanks for the info Keith. I love to hunt with a gun, but bow hunting is still my favorite. I hate to think of the bullets flying with all the leaves still on the trees.
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    That's the part that would scare me. I bow hunt for the peace and quite. I don't want a bunch of guns going off. Bow hunters are usually better hunters and more careful about scent and such. I like to hunt relaxed deer, not ones that know they are being hunted.
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    The problem we have is too many people sitting in the woods hunting horns.
    People need to be dropping deer.
    Personally I could care less how you drop them but they need dropping.
    I would say that rifle hunters seem to be much more efficient at managing a herd.