NC Concealed Carry Course

Discussion in 'Handgun Talk' started by DCcatfisher, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. DCcatfisher

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    North Carolina
    I completed the handgun safety training course required to apply for a concealed carry permit here in North Carolina this past weekend. I would strongly urge anyone who owns a handgun or any other firearm that you would consider for personal protection, whether you plan to apply for a concealed permit or not, to take the course. It provides a wealth of knowledge on use of deadly force to protect yourself and your family. It also contains alot of information on different types of handguns and their operations for people who are not very familiar with them and somewhat covers the correct fit and form of firing a handgun, particulary in a defense situations. This can also become useful at the range to help prevent or break bad habits which in turn may be the difference between life and death should such a situation ever arise. I am sure that the course varies from state to state and what ever your laws may be in the state you reside in, you need to know them. Remember knowledge is power.
  2. cathooked

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    north carolina
    im really thinkin bout the concealment course,thanx for ya input...

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    It may be different in each state but I'm guessing most people would learn some things they didn't know...especially on the laws.
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    I've been thinking about taking the course here in Oklahoma and applying for the concealed carry license.

    I've had some strange things happen over the last several years that I wasn't too crazy about.