NC Blue Catfish Regulations 2008

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    As many of you know the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is holding public hearings this month concerning possible legislation for blue catfish on Lake Norman and Badin Lake. What this basically means is the actual commissioners are looking for feedback from the public. Once that feedback is heard they will then make a decision on whether or not the legislation is put into effect.

    In simple terms, the proposal of the Carolina Catfish Club is in the third step of a five step process.

    Right now is the time the actual appointed wildlife commissioners need to hear from us. While district representatives may or may not be at the meetings, we need to take the time to make sure they hear our feelings in writing to them individually. The following link contains all the commissioners, their addresses, and their e-mail addresses. While contacting your local district commissioner is of most importance, taking the time to contact them all would not hurt our cause.

    District Commissioners

    Wes Seegars, Chairman
    P.O. Box 1756
    Goldsboro, NC 27533

    W. Ray White
    P.O. Box 922
    Manteo, NC 27954

    Joe C. Barker III
    P.O. Box 39
    New Bern, NC 28563

    W. Douglas Parsons
    P.O. Box 1049
    Clinton, NC 28329

    Nat T. Harris Jr.
    P.O. Box 2000
    Whitsett, NC 27377

    Randy Allen
    7009 Whitemarsh Court
    Charlotte, NC 28210

    Dalton D. Ruffin
    2841 Galsworthy Drive
    Winston-Salem, NC 27106

    David W. Hoyle, Jr.
    P.O. Box 708
    Dallas, NC 28034

    R. Martin Lewis
    1091 Hendersonville Road
    Asheville, NC 28803

    As I have said before, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, so we need to squeak! Stand committed, but also educated on the subject. Educate yourself with the science and the economics of the impact that trophy blue catfish fisheries can have in our state. Even if you are not from North Carolina, the fact that you are willing to submit a comment shows that you have potential tourism dollars to spend here if North Carolina was a trophy blue catfish destination.

    We can not wish this into reality. It is going to take more letters, more conversations with elected officials, and more dedication from our members here in North Carolina and our friends in other states. I would love to see have a deciding impact on this legislation, and I know for a fact that our opposition will not have the unity that we have here.

    I look forward to seeing you folks at the public hearings.

    Public Hearings Schedule
    Jan. 3, 2008 NCWRC Headquarters / Centennial Campus / Raleigh
    Jan. 7, 2008 Courthouse / Elizabethtown
    Jan. 9, 2008 Courthouse / Graham
    Jan. 10, 2008 South Stanly High School / Norwood
    Jan. 15, 2008 Morganton / Municipal Auditorium

    Jan. 16, 2008 Southwestern Community / Sylva College
    Jan. 17, 2008 Starmount High School / Boonville
    Jan. 22, 2008 Swain Auditorium / Edenton
    Jan. 23, 2008 New Bern Courthouse / New Bern
    Jan. 24, 2008 Louisburg Annex Building District Courthouse
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    District Eight hearings were held today (1-15-08) in Morganton, NC. Brother Price and myself were in attendance and the item that we were interested in came up at approx. 7:30 PM, and that was the reg's for the trophy catfish (32") for Badin and Norman, whereby one could only keep one per day.

    Bro.Price did an excellent job presenting our position on this matter. I was there mostly as back up, but I did get to say a few words. There was no public oppostition to the 32" regulation.

    Bro. Price spoke on the jugging issue, requesting that they limit it to 25 jugs per boat. Several people stood up and said they were in favor of the 100 jugs per boat.

    Now we wait and see what happens. But, during this period, it would be a good idea for you to vote on line for this reg. and also send a letter of e-mail to each and everyone of the commissioners thru out the state stating that you are in favor of the 32" reg.

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    All I have to say is Thankyou (Price, Lakenormanblues, Catfishrus ,Tomahawk ,Catrod and Carolina Catfish Club.
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    Hopeully, the message got across to the commission that so many catfish anglers here in NC support the regulations. If you did not get to come to one of the meetings I agree with Lakenormanblues. Please send and email or letter stating that you support the regulations to the commission. Lakenormanblues did an excellent job talking about the economic impact trophy bluecat fisheries bring to these local communties. I also thank all the people who attend the past meeting, and have already sent emails, letters, or voted on the NC Wildlife online comment sections/for regulations. Wyliecat gave a link to the commissioners on a previous post. If you need the email addresses just loof on the NC Willdlife Resources webpage.