Navionics Hotmaps or other map?

Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by Arkansascatman777, Feb 3, 2009.

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    I have the Navionics Hotmaps premium in the sonar unit on the back of the boat. I will be purchasing a new map so I can see detail on the trolling motor unit as well.

    The 2008 map is $93.78 and the 2009 map is $139.88, has anyone tried the 2009 or know if it is worth the extra money? Or has someone found another type of map that is just as good or better than the navionics hotmap premium for showing lake and/or river detail? Thanks for any replies.
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    Johnny, Navionics has been updating some lakes with more detail. Best thing probably is for you to go to their web site, where you can view a list of the lakes that have been upgraded, and see if any of them are where you fish. It could well be that the 09 version won't benefit you any more than the 08 version, depending on where you fish. I know I bought a year old version at a discount, and it had all the lakes that I normally fish.

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    Tommy is right. Go to there site and see if they have added lakes around you in HD. If they have the 09 is worth the extra. But if none of the lakes you plan on fishing has not been updated. Its just cash gone to the wind.
    I bought a South maps card from a Guy that had upgraded. I was happy and he was also. As his old map had the upgrades for my section. And I still got it for $65.