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Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by Doctor, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Doctor

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    I have a Matrix 67 unit which has the built in Unimaps for the entire Usa, I really like these maps but the unit will take the Navionics Gold series of cards, for $200.00 bucks I'm really wondering if the expense will outweight what I already have in the unit, anybody with experience with these would be helpful.......thanks..........Doc
  2. SeaArk1

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    I bought the Navionics Premium Hotmap for the new Huminbird. I also had the regular map already in the unit. The list price in the literature was $199 or close to that. Cabela's has the 2006 version of the HotMaps Premium for $99. It shows a lot more detail than the original one loaded in my GPS.

  3. jim

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    DOC generally the background maps that come with the finders do NOT have nearly the detail of the maps cards you buy.The exception is the new Lowrance units with the hard drives which have all the fancy maps included.:)
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    Doc I have been wondering the same thing. And they took some screen shots and mailed them to me. And its the same map I have in my hand held GPs withe the fishing hot spots.
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    i bought the navionics east map for my lowrance 480 last year when i went down to santee cooper to fish the classic. that was the best 200$ i could have spent.
    it doesnt help out much on the river but for a lake the size of marion and moultrie it is very useful. you can look at a map all day but when you get on a lake that big, navigating to a certain ledge, creek channel or hump can be difficult and time consuming . with the navionics chart it shows the bottom contour of the lake along with the position of your boat on the same screen. once you get there you have to use your graph to make certain your on the structure you want to be on. but the time it saves on the water and is worth the price tag.
    also the chart i bought last year is compatible with the lowrance 339 i just bought. i figured that w/ the new unit i would have to buy the chart over again. i thought that was a pretty good feature.
  6. bluejay

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    Have the navionics gold in my Lowrance 332c. Had the premium unopened and exchanged it for the gold because it has lakes on it that the premium did not have. Be sure and check before buying. Has a lot of detail that just can't be found on maps plus it is a lot easier to watch screen than look at maps. Have all of my waypoints marked for the lakes that I fish. I believe that there are 4 different ones for different parts of the US.
  7. Mr.T

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    Also be sure to check the Lowrance web site for their free enhanced lake maps - if you get lucky, the lake you fish will be available there. I grabbed the map for Truman lake and it's great - just as good as the paper Fishing Hotspots map I have (I think it's the same information). You just need a MMC or SD memory card to put it on, then plop it into the unit and it gets loaded automatically.

    I'm looking at the Navionics Gold for other lakes that I can't get for free - it's not clear whether they offer the same information as the (less expensive) Fishing Hotspots Elite maps. From what little I know about mapping databases, they all seem to derive from the same source; some vendors enhance the basic data more than others.