Navionics and Badin/Tillery

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    I was up at Bass Pro tonight looking at a Navionics chip for my Lowarance and I got to talking about why they haven't added BAdin and Tillery yet and he just smiled and said, it's beena long time waiting, but it's coming. He was at a conference last month and talked to some reps from Navionics and they said that those lakes were on their list to be added and this was in the makings as we speak, so hopefully we'll have some good topo. info on Badin and Tillery here soon. I thought some of you might like to hear that. see ya
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    Thats what i've been waiting for sounds great. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Pier Pressure

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    I been told a map once existed for Badin, but that the lake has silted in so much in some areas that it was not much help anymore. Being able to look at areas before getting on the water is extremely helpful, even more so for navigational hazards, like behind both dams. Tillery's dam is a nightmare to get behind when the wheels are turning. It' been a long time coming is right.
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    A map isn't much help when trying to get to the upper dam of Tillery. You will hit rocks if you try to go behind the dam with water running if you don't know exactly where to go. You need to ride up to the upper dam with water running 10 or 15 times before trying it yourself. Even guys that have went up there for decades still hit rocks.