Navajo Lake Fishing Trip

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    Alameda, New Mexico
    Well, This Sunday me, my dad, and my friend drove up to Navajo Lake. We stayed until Wednesday afternoon. On Sunday night we fished the San Juan River for trout and I caught a 20" in the Catch and Release section.
    San Juan Bow.jpg
    The next few days we fished the lake and caught numerous small bass and tons of tiny channels. Then on Tuesday I caught my first Pike on a crankbait. It was a great fight!
    Big Juicy Pike.jpg
    On wednesday we targeted only carp. My biggest was a 29lb, 34" fatty, I caught her on dogfood. Fat Navajo Lake Carp.jpg
    It was a great trip and I caught tons of fish.
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    Looks like ya done good,Seth. That carp might be a buffalo instead tho.,Congrats on a great trip lil bro.