Native Ultimate 14.5 Tandem / Solo Fishing Kayak[SOLD]

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    I have a Native Ultimate 14.5 Solo/Tandem fishing kayak for sale. This is truly the ultimate in fishing kayaks. The ultimate 14.5 is not only one of the most stable and hardest to flip kayaks on the market but it is also the most versatile. This kayak was designed so that you can stand and fish or sit and fish comfortably all day long. I have spent up to 14 hours in this kayak and it is incredibly comfortable. The seats are raised off the ground and are made of a mesh material for ultimate comfort and dryness. The design of this kayak is a hybrid of a kayak/canoe with a tunnel hull which makes the boat incredibly stable and near impossible to flip and much more stable than a canoe. The tunnel hull is what makes it so stable for standing in. The kayak comes with two seats and is designed to be able to be used as a tandem kayak but the seats come out very easily and it is also designed to be used for a single person. I personally used this boat as a single person kayak and it works great but have also ran the whitewater river with a 90lb dog in the front with no problems. I have caught fish up to 14lbs out of this kayak with no problem at all. Contact me through the BOC for direct contact information.

    I am selling the kayak and all accessories for $1,200 with local pickup in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

    The kayak comes with quite a lot of additional equipment and gear.
    -Native Ultimate 14.5 Tandem in Deepwater Blue
    -2 Scottys Rod Holders
    -Anchor trolley and anchor kit
    -Hand Bilge Pump
    -Full set of four skirts for rainy or colder days to keep the water off (Bow, Stern, Solo Front and Solo Rear)
    -2 Paddles
    -Kayak cart to make it easy to get to the river or lake
    -Misc equipment

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