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    Just finished reading an interesting article in the NC Sportsman magazine.Two congressmen from Maine have sponsored a bill in Congress to designate the Wild Striped Bass as a NATIONAL gamefish.The two have "Recognized the economic importance of this widely distributed inshore saltwater fish to the 3 million-plus anglers who fish recreationally for stripers every year from Maine to NC" A study commisioned by a Stripers Forever group shows 14,000 new jobs and 1.74 billion dollars in additional economic gains would be made by ending commercial fishing for stripers.Their point is that even though some states have protected the migratory stripers others have not (NC has not) and one states excesses can offset the good effect of the others.Now switch hats and think catfish.First off I would bet there are 1 million catfishermen(and women) in Texas alone.Catfish in major river systems like the Miss.Ohio etc are migratory to a certain extent.Think of the trophy capabilities if commercial fishing was eliminated on JUST these major river systems.There has to be far more than 3 million catfishermen in this country and that means enormous political clout at the national level.We probably could get this status for Blues maybe channels and probably not ever for flatheads,but that would be good enough in my mind.Think of 200 lb Blues roaming the MIss again like in Mark Twains day.The last two world records have captured the fishing worlds imagination so the business 200lb fish would generate is staggering.If I thought I had a reasonable shot at a 200lb Blue I would be saving my pennies for a guide trip where ever they were.How about you?OK BUY or SELL national gamefish status for at least the Blues.What do you think?:)
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    I cant believe catfish are not considered game fish in all states.
    The squeeky wheel gets the grease, we need to start letting these states that are not recoginizing them as game fish know there are 3 million of us that think different.
    Good post Jim

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    I am going to try to push our local club to see what can be done to get catfish designated as a game fish in North Carolina and South Carolina. Unlike a Striper or Largemouth, anyone who has access to some fishing rods and a piece of shoreline can readily fish for catfish. Of course that is part of the problem with over harvest in some areas.

    Make the catfish the national fish. I know of few states that do not have them, unlike the Striped Bass. They are some of the first fish that many of us ever catch, right behind the Bluegill. They are hearty, strong, and can survive in almost any water condition. The same can not be said for stripers. Try pulling one up from 35 feet in the summer and you will see it floating a few minutes later after you release it.
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    We can only hope that we can be heard.
    Think about it, most people when you tell them that you are a catfisherman look at you like you have lost you're mind. We are called rednecks and riverscum and other stereotypical type names. We have to get rid of this kind of thinking folks or we will never be taken seriously.
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    Exactly right, I agree. That has always been something that ticks me off.

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    I think the major problem would be getting all the catfishermen to agree on something, if we are not united we fail.. We are so different in our views such as catch and release, or trotline or no trotline. It would be hard I think for all of us to agree that catfish need size and creel limits to insure we have something to fish for in a few years...I know alot of catfishermen who if you ask them if they want limits on how many catfish they can keep, will flat out say heck no, no one tells me what to do..:confused:
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    I have to agree with you. Divide and concure is the theme with the anti's and it applies to politicians also. Here in WA State the anti's got a ban on trapping because the hunters could not/would not agree and work together. If we as catfisherman don't stick together in spite of different opinions we as a whole will loose! Just my .02 worth.

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    I get called a redneck and am D@^ proud of it. They take you serious when you show em picks of cats you cought big enough to eat a basketball lol. Had'nt seen that pic in a while. But the more people thinking catfishing is for rednecks the more cats for me:) . I doo agree cats should be classified as gamefish and should have limits on takers. Can't wait for spring so I can get my boots muddie with RIVERSCUM!