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    Contemplative moment. Three o'clock here in my humble abode. Very quiet, very quiet indeed. We have had three Cockatiels in the residences we have lived in for 26 years.. Took them to town yesterday to someone who wanted them. When I am up like this they are covered but still squawk and screech. Not so this morning. They gone bye-bye and it is as quiet as a tomb. Now I know what I have been missing for 26 years. I can actually think. Bad, bad. Not good for me to think. I just usually wing it.

    Anyhow John, get the mud out your mouth, and say what you were going to say. On the way home Nancy wanted to get a few staples for the larder 'cause we got another storm coming. Standing in line with her at the grocery store in my wonderfully deer blooded coveralls I had nothing to do but peruse the magazine racks. Unfortunately they had no girly magazines, so I was stuck with "How to make your man make more money" or "Who was on which drug in Hollywood" or "The perfect ensamble to make him go nuts" or a half dozen ones on "The end of the world is near in 08" I looked at those. That is what I'm thinking about this night.

    First, I am a pessimist. Gas to 4 or 5 bucks, stock market free falling, jobless rate up, mortgages and credit card debit skyrocketing, everyone in the world with a gun pointed at us, China getting ready to smack us, and this God awful election cycle. I am bummed out. My prediction is that we are headed for real trouble this year, like we have never seen. A Katie get your gun and lock up the hogs kind of year.

    So I am Inquiring about you guys Gut feeling about the year, not just the Super Bowl Game.. Give me some predictions in your own way. Nobody is going to laugh at you. Somebody convince me I am wrong.
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    Well John I would totally agree with ya. I think its gonna come a time that if you dont know how to live off the land (fishing,hunting,planting a garden)you not gonna make it. I feel sorry for all those city folk that have never had the oppertunity to do any of those things.


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    i dont know about predictions but when or if the crap hits the fan (fall of civilization type) ive often told my wife "hey at least i can grow gardens hunt game and we burn wood for heat."things may stink but i think we could survive. at least the rest of our lives, unless that comet hits. wich mag said that one.:roll_eyes:

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    funny i was typing the very same thing you were.
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    It is what it is and one day it will no longer be.:eek:oooh::crazy::cool2::big_smile:
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    North Caro
    Shortage of water, hit telephone button 2 for spanish, 1 for english, the middle east, our elective officals in Washington, DC, better stop there.

    The water shortage in my section of the US of A, due to lack or rain and poor management of this resource is getting worser and worser every day. We have communities fighting each other in the courts over who's water it is within thier basin and then we have those that want to take water from one basin and transfer it to another basin. Oh yes, they will give to back to the basin that got it from after they have tried to treat it! Sad, sad, sad. Someone a long time ago predicted that people would go to war over water and I thought that was crazy, the war is taking place in the courts.

    It used to be that we had southern talk, yankee talk (Jersey style), cowboy talk and California talk and a few that talked with marbles in thier mouth. But we were still able to communicate with each other. Now we have another language, Spanish and it appears that the powers to be want to retain it for those that speak it. For centuries, all that came to this Great Country all learn to speak English, American style and that was the way it should have been. We are suppose to be the melting pot of the world, but not anymore. This problem will continue into 2008 and beyond. Will we be going to Wal-Mart in the future and have two greeters at the door, one for English and one for Spanish, possible.

    Every two years we hear our Congressman/woman tell us what he/she is going to do for his/her district and we also hear from the person that wants his/her job tell us how he/she can do better and change things, but it remains the same , spend, spend, spend. Same goes for our Senators and President. I think each one of us owes about $30,000 to the National Debt. I have told my heirs to pay my part when I die by leaving a check in my pocket payable to the US Treasurer for the amount I owe upon my death. If they want it, let them dig me up and get it!

    Enough of that, who wants to go fishing?
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    Times are changing and not for the better. All the people that i know in my age group are having a difficult time making ends meet. Seems like every year my income buys less. I just spent $800.00 dollars for 200 gal of heating fuel. 61.00 to fill my truck with gas every week. If you break it down monthly, between heating my home and driving I'm spending on average of $644.00 a month. I was hoping to fully retire by next year, but if i want to eat I'm going to have to continue working. Ive noticed in New York state more and more elderly people committing suicide--gee i wonder why?? Corruption in politics, corruption in law enforcement. Is it really going to matter who you vote for? Its a matter of who's telling the least amount of lies, sad but true. Crime on the rise jails and prisons overflowing. No such thing as middle class America, your either well off or poor. I cut up my credit cards years ago, if i cant pay cash for it i dont buy it. The worlds turned upside down. The one thing i know for certain is that my wife and i will survive, but will we want to??

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Whatever happens just remember one thing. "WE CAUSED IT" thats it for me.
  9. smokey

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    Im not too worried about having services shut off.I know my family can survive that. I can fish,hunt, and garden for food.What Im worried about is having to take up arms aginst people comming from the cities.The thought of fighting in the streets just freaks me out.Why cant they just leave this country boy alone.smokey
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    Nataural gas, eletric, gasoline and food will continue to riase. Our politians will continue to sell us out to lobbiests. The middle class will continue to shrink, the top 2 per cent will get richer. We will loose more jobs here because the jobs are shipped to 3rd world countries. More AMERICANS will loose health insurance.
    I guess I am not a positive thinker.
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    Since were already in a recession,If it dont change fast depression is next,Cant see how to avoid it.Only thing that dont bother me would be seeing all those rich folks that play the stock mkt fall on thier noses,but that wouldnt be good for the common good ..........or would it.
  12. 1sporticus

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    I'm with Big George, we caused it, and now that we have reached the age when we should have made a difference, everyone is tired and complaining about what should/could have been. The saddest thing about the whole deal is what are we leaving behind us. Later Andy
  13. Ol Man

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    Good or bad, we made do with what our ancestors left us...
    Our descendants will adapt to do the same...
    after all, we will be passing on a lot of jaw muscle:big_smile:

    As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools.
  14. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    The news media makes its money from doom and gloom.
    The doomier its looks and more they can drag it out the more they make.

    The housing market. I dont consider that doom and gloom. Not everyone is not so bright when it comes to money and their future.
    More people OWN a home now as opposed to 10 years ago.
    I call that advancement.
    The housing market crash? What crash? Its slowed here. Not crashed.
    I know a high end realtor very well in Raleigh.
    He is not freaking out. They are still selling some houses.

    Recession? Last month's GDP was a an even 4. Thats recession?

    Jobs going over seas? If the unions haven't figured out by now, they probally wont.
    But all of those companies dont leave the country. Alot of them go to the south where folks will build this or that without a union.

    Unemployment is up?
    It usually is after Christmas.
    I've been in construction since high school.
    I can only remember a year or two that I actually worked 40 hours or more a week in December. It always gets slow. Nobody wants to bring anything out of the ground that last month of the year. Taxes? Probally has something to do with it. in construction, Christmas funds were always a problem if you didnt put some back all year.

    Christmas sales were down?
    I guess so. Look how many people shop in partial or in full on line. Not going to the mall is not indicative of a flailing economy.
    Alot of people have figured out the dollar goes further online then it does brick and mortar. No high priced rent online.

    Gas prices?
    We haven't seen the highest gas prices yet.
    The highest fuel price Americans ever paid was in 1980. We aren't far from matching that but we aren't there.

    The economists I listen to dont talk doom and gloom. They say its going to slow down some. The GDP will probally get to around 2 (still not dire straights) before it starts climbing back up around April or May.
    There is no recession until that number hits negative numbers.

    I commute 70 miles each way to work. I spend over a 100 dollars a week just commuting.
    I feel like I'm on top of the world.
    Things could be better, but I dont see many people standing around complaining myself. Folks are still busy spending those dollars.

    Look at the members on this site. Still buying them boats with them big engines.
    Na, we aint in trouble yet. A long way from it unless you want to put some socialist in office that wants to bankrupt the country with social programs.
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    Beetleman....I realy dont like you:wink:(NOT REALY JUST SAYIN THAT!)
    I realy like it when I can be like that rose you got Nancy and stick you in the finger but....(HEAD BOWED!) (REAL LOW)...
    The next time it aint gonna be beer cans in yer yard (EMPTY) youd best have that corner cleaned out in the barn cause its gonna be me and a case.!MOM and KIDS are driving me nuts the dogs are barking(AT THERE SHADOWS I THINK) and I need some quiet time not to think but just away cause there all driving me more crazy than I already am.....
    HHHMMMMM thought just ship them to you ,you need a little chaos panic and dissorder so's you dont go off the deep end......NAAA I will miss them I just need a little time out....................Yes a Little!
    Now back to my thoughts buddy I hate to agree with you but you are probably right and what I am worried most about is keeping it all togather and me not slipping off the cliff...
    And you just had to piont that out to me didn't you? THANKS JOHN:angry:
  16. Kat-tamer

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    Well I hate to dwell on what MIGHT happen. I prefer to live with my head in the clouds for a little while longer.:wink:

    Actually, as bad as things are for us right now, it has been worse in the past. I actually had weeks where it was dig up pennies out of the couch to get mac & cheese for supper. We have some difficult weeks now but with alot more perks.

    Used to be we had no phone, no cable, no heat, no cell phones, no computer, and only 1 vehicle that 3 people on different shifts had to use.

    Yes I complain when money is tight, and I panic at the 1st of every month about how I'm gonna keep all these perks on, but if I have to, I can do without them for a while.

    I just hope I can keep up with everything till May when I graduate. I don't even want to try to do without the internet, phone, and car while I'm still in school.:crazy:

    Our government is going downhill and I fear that it will only get worse.
    Here is something to ponder.... Did you know how many companies do credit checks on you? This is gonna cause problems for everyone.

    I learned that the insurance companies do checks before setting your rates. Bad credit, higher prices.
    Companies do them to determine whether to hire you or not!!
    Now I know that I have bad credit, but how can a person get their credit up if they have trouble making the higher payments? If we pre-pay for ins. then it should be the same price.
    With alot of people losing jobs and homes, their credit is going to suffer. How can they get another job if they have bad credit cause they lost the job they had and got behind? Makes no sense to me. Somebody explain it.:confused2:
  17. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    It entirely depends on the field.
    From my experience most of the credit checks done were done as part of the background check.
    Some companies do use the credit report as a tool used in hiring.
    Some of these places you work in are proprietary.
    They have millions invested in R&D of a product and its manufacture.
    A credit report is a risk assessment. iIf you you are fixing to go into bankruptcy or lose your home you become desperate. Maybe desperate enough for corporate espionage.

    Insurance. Not all companies do this. Part of all this is in the courts or was in the courts not long ago.
    The reason they have for doing it is basicly the same as above.
    Desperate people do some desperate things. Thats not saying all desperate people do desperate things but history does have a bearing.

    You dont see many folks with great credit, a great job, taking care of their responsibilities torching the house or setting up an "accident" with the car for some Walmart mad money.
  18. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    The "social program" of the past was the family farm, where everyone went when the last can was empty, and the baby was crying and running a fever. Then the men went to the cities and slept in the open and stood in the soup lines and waited for work, or jumped the rails and went where there might be work. They were called "rabble" before there were social programs.
    Wonder what they gonna call us now?
  19. poisonpits

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    ive noticed that the response to the troubles we have or the ones we are anticipating depend mostly on our money situation.the ones that work out their bills and fun on a limited amount on cash are the ones worried most about the state we are in or where we are heading.the ones who have plenty or an unlimited amout of cash dont worry as much and few of them reallly care what the poor or the less prepared do or dont doesnt matter to them that people with nothing will be trying real hard to figure out wheather to by fuel oil or gas for heating there homes or buying medicine.i see a lot more elderly dying from lack of meds and exsposure than ever before.i see a lot more children dying from starvation rite here in the good old usa cause we are to busy being political correct that we ignore them and spend our money in 3rd world countries.i could go on and on but you get the drift so ill shut up and let someone whos got it togather more so than me have the floor.
  20. olefin

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    Big problem.... if the rich (who is the rich?) lose their tail in the stock market it means all those that are not rich will also lose. I've read that nearly half of all American households participate in the stock market.
    Our great nation runs on the outcome of the stock market.

    Myself... I hope that everyone makes a killing on their stock investments in 2008 and the coming years. If that happens, things will be going better for this country and everyone right down to the hourly worker.

    I think positive, I don't buy the doom and gloom, I think 2008 will be OK, it's 2009 and on that bothers me.