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    Tom Higgins, who use to write for the Charlotte Observer Sports just called me and informed me that David Poole died today of a massive heart attack. David replaced Tom Higgins when he retired from the NASCAR scene. David was 51 or 52 years old. Some of you might be familiar with David at the Charlotte Observer and at >
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    have heard him every morn on Sirius radio on the morning drive for the last few years, I'll tell he didnt mind telling it like the way it is in his view weather you liked it or not, a real strait shooter, heard his show this morn just before he pasted he was 50 years old, wrote some great books about NASCAR and some of the folks in it

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    David Poole was a personal friend of mine that I have known since I started covering NASCAR back in the 80's.

    Poole was the first sports editor I ever knew, and he would get me media credentials for the Charlotte race each year. This simple act was instrumental in me learning my way around a NASCAR garage and making contacts in the sport. I saw him a couple of weeks ago and thanked him for that, and he just laughed and said in his jokingly abrasive manner, "you were the only idiot around that wanted to go out there".

    Over the years I have shot interviews with him many times for ESPN, mainly for documentaries on folks like Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty, and other racing legends. He was the guy in the business you went to for unedited and honest information. Like others have said, you either loved or hated what he said, but one thing is for sure; you would never win an argument with him. :smile2:

    Poole was smart, one of the smartest men I have ever known. I don't say that about too many people. He was a rare sort that was able to combine raw intelligence with common sense. This ability crossed over into his work, and that is why he quickly climbed to the top of the NASCAR journalism world.

    Rest in peace my friend. :wink: