Nascar Limits Teams!

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    Nascar will limit teams to four starting in 2006!

    There will be a grandfather clause through 2009 for team sponsors and drivers only - meaning as an example - (let's use Mark) As long as Mark drives or the sponsor, sponrors the #6 car they can keep that team indeffinitly - if Rousch were to loose both a sponsor and driver for a car then they could not field that car if it puts them over four -

    Testing - limit of 6 per driver on the designated tracks only - any number on the non designated tracks

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    well i can see a point. look at the cat in the hat. the top 10 is 1/2 his and the top 5 useally is 3 or more of his.nascar fans loose intrest when there drivers run poor. and when jr and waltrip won every restrictor plate race i loved to watch all the laps up untill the last three. there was no Q on to who would win. it gets old watching the domanance. nascar doesn't make millions if all the non jack r fans quit going to races cause biffle, busch, kenseth , edwards, martin win every 5 of 6 races.

    one good thing i see coming. im a dale jarrett fan to the end. hes 49 and close to the end of a carrear. edwards is now from last season ans this season my new driver of choice. just glad to know busch will no longer be in the same stable. ide be imbarressed to wear a hat bearing the same team he raced for. :D

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    Walter Flack
    In 2006, team owners would be limited to four Nextel Cup Series teams per organization. On Friday, NASCAR CEO Brian France said that doesn't mean that multicar teams aren't crucial to NASCAR's continued success. However, there has to be a limit to ensure the future of the sport.

    "Down the road, several years from now, if we didn't do anything, you very well could have a situation where it's six, seven or more teams that are under a common ownership. While there's points of that they may not feel wrong, the barrier to a new car owner who's coming in is a daunting task to say, 'I've got to own how many teams to be competitive? Is it five? Is it six?'

    "While we want a cap and we want to go in that direction, we don't want to put such a moat around the teams that they can't help assist us bring new owners into the sport. That's why it's kind of a work in progress."

    For example, a team with four cars -- such as Hendrick Motorsports -- will be able to run a fifth team under a limited schedule. NASCAR President Mike Helton defined such a situation as one that is "getting a rookie ready for the following season, with a limited number of races attached to it."

    Teams will also be free to be suppliers to other teams, such as engine deals that the bigger teams have with its smaller teams today.

    Also, Roush Racing is going to be grandfathered in to this rule change, only being forced to go to four teams at an undetermined point, in the future. Currently, Roush has sponsor commitments for all its teams that run until at least 2008.

    Still, Roush takes the rule change very personally.

    "The thing they did by picking on five rather than four is they singled me out," Roush said. "I'm the only guy with five viable teams and the worst of all scenarios is we put all five of them in the Chase and, of course, that gave the bonus to our sponsors for the exposure that they got for being involved with us rather than somebody else and they want to diminish it to some extent.

    "I take it personally. I do take it personally," said Roush.

    France said he understands Roush's anger, but says this change was not directed at Roush's team.

    "I can understand that," said France. "He is the only owner with five teams, so it's very understandable to think that he's disappointed.

    "It's not focused on Jack Roush, because Jack Roush hasn't done anything wrong. He just happens to be the guy that has five and he stands out.

    "We're looking at a policy for the whole sport, not just one team owner."

    Meanwhile, Roush doesn't believe NASCAR is done suppressing owners.

    "They've told me it's four," Roush said. "But they haven't said that they would never, never, never consider anything less because you could start that slide and then you could say, 'Well, it's got to be one team, one owner.'

    France didn't shut the door on that concept Friday.

    "We felt like four was the number that fit our short-term issues without trying to penalize too far what the owners who have multicar teams have done," he said. "They've played by the rules. They've competed fairly. They haven't done one thing in the wrong direction.

    "We have considered three. We'll look down the road at if four is the right number. We feel like we're comfortable with that. If down the road, we think it may be different, we'll look at it."

    While Roush is certainly beyond angry over this change, he also knows he, his sponsors and his drivers want to stay in the sport.

    "I'm not sure what they're trying to do is legally right or is defensible in a court of law," said Roush. "But I want to be in this business. I don't want to jeopardize my sponsors and my drivers and our prospects in the near term.

    "I choose not to fight right now, at least not when (the cap) is at four," he said. "You get an animal cornered, he can be a pretty meek animal, but he'll fight pretty hard when he's in a corner. I think that through this they really didn't want to corner us.

    "Even though it was about Roush and it was about Mark Martin and it was about Matt Kenseth and it was about Kurt Busch and Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle -- that even though it was about all of that, they don't want to put us out of business."
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    In my humble opinion, for what it's worth, No owner will attempt to field more than four teams, but they will not penelize Rousch as long as a team has the original driver or sponsor starting from the begining of the season 2006! If Mark leaves in 2007 and AAA is still the sponsor and no other team has lost both the driver and sponsor Nascar will let Rousch field Marks car with whomever - In essence the policy that Nascar has set is lame duck - I do believe eventualy Roush will limit his stable to four teams - probably due to a driver who goes somwhere else for more money and either a sponsor goes with him or cancles -
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    Thats how i took it also and i thought to my self why even say they where making a new rule for Owners/Cars when it doesnt change a thing sure did sound good when i heard about it lol IMO.