Nascar 50th Anniversay

Discussion in 'Wolfman's Nascar Pit Stop' started by capt.kirk, Nov 24, 2005.

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    My wife took a trip to florida the year of the 50th year anniversy,of NASCAR
    she brought me back 3 shirts from the speedway,1 is what i have on in my
    picture that cats4uanme spotted right away.she also brought 2 of the black
    ones with that years events on the back,the vendor told her to tell me not
    to wear them,as they were very hard to come by,in fact she purchased the
    last 2 he had.does anyone know if they have any value other than being
    just shirts,if they are worth it i would like to auction them off and donate the
    proceeds to the driver of the #45 car for his camp,you all know about what
    he does,but i can not mention it here on the BOC,any one having any info
    about this please reply with your thoughts.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    kirk, sorry i forgot to reply on the 50th anny tee. i don't have any idea on the value or anything but i immagine that since the 50th anny was a big deal with the sport and now being nextel cup / sprint cup whatever im sure it could very well be worth a few $.

    sure ya want to try and sell it? might keep it for a few more years. never know what might happen. ;) but the vic jun camp is a great thing for sure.

  3. capt.kirk

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    Thanks for the reply,you may very well be correct,in your thinking about
    holding on to them,maybe until the 75th?will see,what other replys come in
    and make a desecion,then. i will be 81 yrs old by then,and may forget that
    i have them. :eek: