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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by poopdeck [patrick], Mar 19, 2006.

  1. poopdeck [patrick]

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    ofallon il
    I do care where a person is from. I live in Il right across the river from missouri. If a person puts on their profile that they are from missouri or il, that dosn/t tell me much. They could still be 300 miles either way from me. I like to go in the mo and Il rooms to talk about local conditions , as I/m sure people from other areas want to talk about their local conditions.

    Now don/t get me wrong I also like to hear about fishing from other places but since I fish here it is my primary concern
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    I live in Waukegan (more northeast Il). I'm about 10 minutes from the Wisconsin border. I fish mainly in Southeast Wisconsin on the Fox river. I also sometimes fish on the Fox Chain o' Lakes. I'm planning a trip to the mighty Mississippi River this year. I'm thinking the Savanna, IL area. There is a state park in the area that supposedly has some good fishing. I'm also going to northern Virginia (Dale City) this summer to visit family. I think I'm going to try to plan a little fishing with my father in law while out there too.