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    I haven't set a trotline since I was a kid. The reg's have changed some and I could use some help and advice. Reg's state you have to have your name and address as well as the current date on the trotline. I say current date because it also states you have to run the line daily. If the date has to be changed daily, what is the easiest and best way to change the date daily? Am I wrong about changing a date?
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    Here are the regs for trotlines and other setlines. There's nothing in the regs about needed a date, just name and address. I've never placed a date on any setline that I've set. That being said if you leave the trotline for more than a day regs require you check (attend) to your lines every 24 hours. It's legal to keep a trotline in the water indefinatly as long as you check it at least once a day. This is basically on the honor system which most follow but there's some that just leave a line in the water and hope it's still there a month or two later the next time they go to fish which would be illegal. A game warden or anyone could tell if your trotline is run a regular basis.

    TROTLINE/THROWLINE: Trotlines/throwlines are restricted to no more than three (3) lines and 100 hooks per per­son. A legal trotline/throwline has:

    no glass or metallic floating device on the line;

    no metallic posts in water for attachment;

    lines made of non­metallic material only;

    hooks at least 24 inches apart;

    owner’s name and address attached to each line;

    been attended at least once every 24 hours;

    not been set within three (3) ft. of surface of water at any point beyond six (6) ft. from either point of attachment, except at Great Salt Plains and Ft. Sup­ply reservoirs where water is less than three (3) ft. deep.

    JUGLINE: Juglines are restricted to no more than five (5) hooks per line and 20 juglines per person. A legal jugline is a vertical line sus­pend­ed from a nonmetallic or nonglass floating device, drifting free or anchored and has:

    owner’s name and address attached;

    been attended at least once every 24 hours.

    LIMBLINE: Limblines are restricted to no more than two (2) hooks per line and 20 limblines per person. A legal limbline is a line at­tached to a limb, branch or other natural object and has:

    • the owner’s name and address attached;

    • been attended at least once every 24 hours.

    YO-YO: Yo-yo’s are restricted to no more than 20 per per­son and shall:

    have the owner’s name and address at­tached;

    not be left unattended for more than six (6) hours;

    not be strung or suspended from any horizontal line across any channel or navigable waterway;

    have no more than 10 yo-yo’s attached from any one line or support;

    not have metallic material in lines used for at­tach­ment;

    have lines no greater than 50 feet in length and must be placed or suspended without restricting or impeding boat traffic. Lines must be visible to boats at all times, day or night.


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    One of the rules on Spoonbills are that you must have the date the fish was cought placed or attched on any Spoons you have in your possession. Only thing I remember that calls for a date.
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    Thank you. I read the reg's but it was a little hard for me to get thru my thick skull the ol' government would take you on your honor any more. lol
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    I have just finished reading pages 16 and 17 of the 2008 Oklahoma fishing guide. I can't find where it says the date must be kept on the fish retained. It does state that effective this year you must have a free paddle fish permit, and any paddlefish you catch this year must have the permit number attached to the carcas. I haven't got one of the permits yet, but it says you can get one on-line at....

    This will require a little more investigation. LOL I would also recommend everyone read the info on page 17 regarding the processing of your paddlefish.