Name 10- lets play a game

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    OK, here is how it will work:

    Name 10 simply is a list of 10 things, people, or places that have had an effect on you in one way or another. Later on we can do other lists in this thread but this is a good start.

    The first question: Name 10 comedic actors whose roles have had an effect on you and how or why, plus a few of the films you like most of theirs.

    1) Robin Williams- He is serious or he is nuts... either way he amazes me. Patch Adams was just plain nuts.
    2) Danny Kaye- Brilliant comedy, clean stuff, and silliness that has yet to be duplicated, without becoming an R-rated film. Watch The Court Jester or Secret Life of Walter Mitty or Wonderman.
    3) Jerry Lewis- I know... a lot of folks hated his comedy but he cracks me up. The Disorderly Orderly is by far my favorite.
    4) Bud Abbot & Lou Costello- three words "Who's on First". The smartes 5 minutes in comedy ever written.
    5) Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Shemp Howard- The REAL four original members of The Three Stooges. Vaudville at its best, and they crossed into television and still are seen on one channel or another all the time. Timeless comedy.
    6) Redd Foxx- There will never be another like him. He made poverty funny even to the impoverished.
    7) John Candy- Uncle Buck, Planes Trains and Automobiles, and Great Outdoors. Enough Said.
    8) Steve Martin- He is a great writer and has been called one of the best American Comedins of all time. He does possess his own distinct style, thats for sure. Films to see: The Jerk, The Man With Two Brains.
    9) Jim Carry- From "Dumb and Dumber" to Ace Ventura. The scene of him emerging from a rhino throws me on the ground laughing. I dont know quite why, but he can just make or break a scene.
    10) Ed Wynn- I know, it is obscure, but this old comedian could not speak without me busting a gut laughing. His voice is a standard for comedy even today. It seems every little bit I have seen of his just rips me right up. If it helps to know who he was, he was the voice of the Mad Hatter in Disney's Alice in Wonderland.
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    I won't get to ten, but here's a few...

    Tim Conway and Harvey Korman
    Eddie Murphy
    Bill Mahr

    I need more coffee for this.:lol:


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    Eddie Murphy-Can play too many characters. Too Hot in the Hot tub SNL
    Tom Mabe- he can piss off a telemarketer
    Roy Mercer-Still coming up with new phone pranks
    Chris Farley-Tommy Boy and SNL
    Will Ferrell-SNL
    Adam Sandler-SNL and Happy Madison Prod.
    The two guys who invented South Park and starred in the movie Base-ketball
    Larry-the-Cable-Guy GIT ER DONE
    Ron White- Funny
    Pauly Shore- mildly weird with a funny twist-Crawl on Son in Law

    Just a few.
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    1. Red Skelton
    2. Bob Hope.
    3. Robin Williams
    4. Redd Foxx
    5. Richard Pryor
    6.Syd Caesar
    7. Lucille Ball
    8. Tim Conway
    9. Jonathin Winters.
    10. George Carlin

    I never lie... I tell MY version of the truth!
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    Ok, I' going to approach this from my youth and progress to the current!
    1) The Three Stooges - Still enjoy them to this day! Oh, wise guy huh!
    2) Abbot & Costello - Always got a kick out of them when I was a kid.
    3) The Addams Family & The Munsters - Always been a big fan of sci-fi and this was sci-fi made funny! Gomez, Morticia, Lerch, Thing, Cousin It, Uncle Festor, Wednesday & Pugsley. Herman, Lilly, Grandpa, Eddie, Marilynn, Spot. Ahhh such great memories. Sadly Yvonne Decarlo who played Lilly passed away a couple days ago.:sad2:
    4) The Little Rascals - Spanky, Buckwheat, Darla, Alfalfa & the gang made me laugh so many times.
    5) Carol Burnett - Her variety show was always very funny and family fare.
    6) Steve Martin - I bought his 1st couple record albums when he was just getting big and I still quote a few lines from them to this day. The "Jerk" is a classic movie!
    7) George Carlin - He was always on the cutting edge back in the 70's when you had to be real careful what you said.
    8) Richard Pryor - Funny as hell! I really liked Brusters Millions.
    9) John Belushi - The Saturday Night Live skits and the ever famous "Animal House"
    10) The Blue Collar Guys - Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White & Co. are just funny!
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    Truthfully, I can't count to 10 right now and I've already seen at least 15 of my favs.

    Jackie Gleason wasn't mentioned that I saw........always loved The the MOON, Alice!

    Red Skeleton-------great humor, patriot and all around good show and movies, too.

    Art Linkletter------'Nuff said.

    Carol Burnett and her sidekicks.............all of the shows she did over the years. I had a chance to see her last year locally and now wish I would have done so.

    MASH comedic crew........nuther Nuff said.

    Katherine Hepburn----yes I considered her a very good comedic actress as well as a serious one.

    Willie Nelson-----Lord I love to see his shows, read his books and generally think he is an older genius.

    George Burns------Older than dirt, played God on TV, and actually was quite funny.

    Jim Varney------of Ernest fame, but one of the best Shakespearean actors of our time.

    Toss up between the Little Rascal crew and the 3 or 4 or 5 Stooges, Laurel and Hardy comedy team, Groucho Marx, oh wait, that's more than 10.

    Happy Saturday to you.