N.E. Pennsylvania Susquehanna river.

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    92 degrees an hottet that an oven , water temp at 81 degrees. The channel cats have been awsome the past 2 weeks. Fishing from 6 am till 2 pm , in the heat of the day. Hitting brush piles with punch bait . Catching several channels off each brush pile. Water depth was around 4 8 feet , but close to deeper drop offs. Couldn't tell ya how many cats or how many brush piles I hit , but sure had one ell of a time . The cats weighted anywhere from 4 to 11 pounds . The channels do eat in the heat of the day. Try it, just make sure have a good size bucket of punch bait. Don't let the heat get ya down ,cause the cats are biteing.
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    Thanks Chuck for the report and Welcome to the B.O.C.!:0a25:

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    Welcome to the B.O.C.! Another Pennsylvania brother!