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  1. memphisbobby

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    We are going to Myrtle Beach the last week in Sept for vacation.
    Was wondering if any body had any suggestion about going fishing while I am there
    Offshore or Inshore.
    Which way is the preferred that time of year?
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    Bobby, I assume you won't be using your own boat. There isn't an awful lot of inshore fishing in the immediate area, but there are a number of fishing piers along the Grand Strand. Offshore charters out of nearby Murrells Inlet and Little River are readily available, and there is some pretty good inshore/jetty fishing at Murrell's Inlet, too. There is catfishing in the waccamaw river/Intracoastal Waterway there, too.

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    I don't know anything about the offshore stuff, but there is some inshore fishing a bit south in Winyah Bay and a bit more below that around Cape Roamin near McClellanville. The inshore stuff should be quite good that time of year. I know a couple of guides that work those areas and do well with red drum and spotted seatrout. If you are interested, shoot me a PM and I'll look them up and get you their contact info. Both are really good guys and excellent fishermen.

    The piers are a good option for just messing around a bit. They should produce everything from king mackerel (if you know the specialized rigging those guys use with live baits) to whiting (sort of a salt water pan fish - great eating) and seatrout and red drum.
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    Moving this request back to the top. Somebody please help out this poor boy. He is one of my usual fishing partners and I want to hear about some good fishing stories when he gets back(couod be taken as I don't want to hear a bunch of belly aching about poor ones either:wink:
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    You can try putting in at 53 ave n in Cherry Grove section of North Myrtle. Don't know if the fishing has picked up yet, but flounder, trout, and drum are target fish in the inlet there. At high tide you cut back into Dunn Sound and fish it as well from there. It goes behind a barrier island and comes out in the intracoastal near the jetties. Part of it is high & dry at low tide so be carefull if you head into Dunn from the Cherry Grove side. Or you can put in under the big bridge in N Myrtle and head out to Dunn and the jetties from there. Or go left and head down towards Barefoot Landing & do some catfishing. I used to fish a shrimp on a lighted bobber behind there years ago when there was a little rickity 4 foot pier about 40 feet long. Would not eat anything out of there though and plan on slathering down in bug spray. You can also head out 9 in N Myrtle to the Waccamaw River. It's prolly less than ten minutes out. The landing there is by HB Spokes Saloon. The water is way low and its a little stumpy, but if you can find some deep water the cats should be well fed with this drought.
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    :cool2:What type of fish did you have in mind? How far are willing to travel? I mainly fish South Santee (inshore)below Georgetown) whenever saltwater fishing.If you head that way give me a holler maybe I can be of help.