My wife says I need some time

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  1. sjohn58

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    Short story, my back has healed up petty good, its been almost 7 months now since the surgery.
    With helping the girls (my daughters) I have not been fishing much.:embarassed:

    She has gave me to OK to take a 1 ½ days to 2 day trip fishing by my self. This coming month.

    I was think about hitting the Osage at Osceola at 13 hwy or going to 83 Hwy and going up the Sac. I what to target Flats.
    Now from the people that live in the area, are these good places to start and go up rivers from there? I think the first ½ day I would just travel up river and look for holes and wood, to fish.
    I still do not feel safe putting my boat in the Big Mo.
  2. bedbug jr

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    Hey Steve, great to hear you're on the mend and ready to hit the water again. Haven't fished the water there, but I'm sure you'll have a blast. You stay safe and just don't overdo it!!!:wink:
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  3. jimmykemper

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    Sturgeon, Misso
    good to see you could get back to fishin.... i couldnt go without fishin.....
  4. stoney53

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    take it slow , dont over do it and enjoy ,even if you dont hook up with a thing its just good to get back out there again good to see you back in bussiness
  5. jmanion8

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    Sounds like you have quite the lady! Good luck and stay safe so you can keep fishin'!
  6. Guitarzan

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    Congrats on getting back to good health AND fishing!

    Having had major back surgery myself, I'd highly recommend taking it easy on the first couple outings. Back surgery changes things, and at least for me, slowed my movements and some reaction time down. Be careful and think ahead. Don't get yourself into some place that'll be more than you can handle.

    Have a GREAT time on your first big trip back!!! :big_smile:
  7. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Sounds well deserved Steve. Good luck on your venture!!
  8. medford

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    pleasant h
    steve that would be good for starters i fish there alot the sac has i think a little beter chance for flats than the osage but they are in the osage thats just my opion but there are some other folks here than know that area pretty well i am sure they will be giving you some info, im in pleasant hill lets get together somtime my number is 816-260-9945 good luck on the trip:wink:
  9. Catmanblues

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    S.E Ohio
    Hey Steve glad your feeling better nothing worst then a bad back. The wife saying you can take a couple days an fish is Priceless. Wishing you the best of luck.
  10. sjohn58

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    Sound good Steve, She got me doing house repairs, most of the time for the first part of the summer.
    I have had the boat out just onces the year :eek:oooh:
  11. puppypal

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    Sheridan, Ar
    Please be careful. I too have had my fair share of back problems and the cuttn' zone. When ya think you have it made and your back eases up a bit is the perfect time for it to through a fit again. Believe me i know......
    Be careful and do take it easy and go slow. My worst part i realized the hard way is that my balance hasn't been half of what it was before surgery. So don't be a superman. Good luck and enjoy your trip!