My very first flathead catfish

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Montgomery, May 29, 2007.

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    well i finally landed my first ever flatt. and in the wild to , not at a stupid pay place either. on bluegill. and i must say it was the best experience i have ever had. but it did cost me . i droped my cell phone in the river. i watched it just sink and drift away in the current . there went 300 dollars. plus the cost of a new one . it sucks to , cause its how i take my pictures. i dont have a digital yet . i need one so i can put my pictures on here. but i guess it was worth it . it only weighed say 7 or 8 pounds. but i'm used to catching smaller channels then it was a nice surprise for me . i dont see how you all ever go back to channel fishing. after catching a monster flatt. mine was small on the flatt head size. but it was enough to make me want to target them 99 percent of the time