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    I've been reading the continued arguing between the rod and reel fisherman and the juggers. The bottom line in my opinion and one which should be everyones goal is preserving and protecting the resources that make up the fishery wherever yours may be and whatever the species that make up your fishery happen to be. There are alot of people who think these resources are inexaustible but the truth is no fishery is inexhaustible whether it be our landlocked home lakes or the vast oceans. Proof of this can be made by the striped bass fishery which was almost fished to extinction. Whitout the consevation efforts and managment it may have went extinct. Thing is there are people who get paid to determine the condition and abundance or lack there of these resources, sometimes they just need some persuading to get there attention. Some will argue that these species are not native and should be wiped out. Thing is whether we like it or not they are part of the resources that make our fishery now and should be managed. What if these non-native species die out in there native waters, our fishery could be used to replenish those and save another fishery. Bottom line is whether you are a jugger, rod and reel, noodler, trotliner or commercial fisherman we all need to do our part to protect the resources that have been put here by a higher power so our kids and grandkids will have one to enjoy.


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    Very well said. In the end we are all catfishermen no matter what kind of gear we use. The more unified we are the better things are gonna be for everyone, not just R&R guys or juggers or whatever. Sitting here telling each other "your face smells like a butt":smile2: over and over isn't going to do anything but set us all back. I think the majority of us don't want any kind of fishing method to be abolished (at least that's my point of view). Juggers, go to the meetings, go to the tourneys, do everything in your power to see that your sport continues. The invitation is there no matter what the reason so make the best use of it. Lord knows I would.

    As long as we stick together it's all gonna be just fine.

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    I agree with you Shane. One of the main reasons the NC wildlife put size limits on blues at Badin and Norman was becuase too many big fish were being taken out and sold to payponds. Controls need to be inplace because some people would strip the lake of bigcats for thier own interests.
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    exactly,very good post.should not be any bickering,as long as it is done legally.maybe ethically would be nice,also.
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    in response to tomahawks mentioning payponds.........

    as anyone who has read any of my posts knows i am against 98% of any new have to have a masters degree to understand all the rules now.........that said i think it is against the law for guys to sell the big cats to payponds.....if it isnt it should be as i cannot sell deer meat or any other game harvested in nc,.........the payponds should have to get all of the fish from comercial hatchieries............

    the paypond industry does have and impact on resources.......when i used to fish santee all the time there were 2 guys from the kannapolis area that had a truck with a huge tank on the back.......they would put several monster cats in there and take them doesnt take a rocket scientist to know they were selling them.......maybe they had a commerical liciense but i doubt it......................

    theres an operation down in florida that has australian baramundi in there little lake.......i wonder how long before they are all over that portion of florida.....mack
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    For some reason I thought it was illegal to move fish from one body of water to another, unless coming from a fish farm to private property.
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    i bet yall go over to bass pro and daydream about catching fish like they have in the tank , that is a pay pond for bass pro
    how about it you gonna tell bass pro to empty the tank?:wink:

  8. WylieCat

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    "....that is a pay pond for bass pro how about it you gonna tell bass pro to empty the tank?..."


    The keeping of those fish is regulated. :wink:

    "...i think it is against the law for guys to sell the big cats to payponds...."


    You can sell them all day long. Find me the law that says you can't. :wink:

    "...i cannot sell deer meat or any other game harvested in nc..."

    Partially Correct.

    Whitetail deer are game animals, and game animals can not be sold. Catfish are wild game, but not classified as game fish. :wink: