my trip to PA

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    Pittston, PA
    well i just got back from visitin my family in pennsylvania, boy was it a trip, i figgered id give yall the fast version. got to my moms, no internet so no boc:sad2:. visited family members went to our camper to fish. ton of yellow perch, yum a 5 pound bass, YUM no cats but one bullhead, but he was big so yum. got home went out with my friends to a pretty fancy bar, got into a fist fight, never allowed in fancy bar again, so i got a case of beer and went fishin, skunk. few more fishin trips catchin nothing but perch and pickrel. go to church picnic, eat self sick on potato pancakes, attempt to self medicate with beer,, no fishin... end of catfishin, go to atlantic city NJ fish the beach one bluefish, 2 dogfish sharks one seabass and a crab, my brother gets 2 crabs abd a starfish, wife gets skunked, got drunk went to casino and gambled came out 20 bucks on top, went and drank 40s at a dam good sports bar (sorry you couldnt be there jim:wink:) go back to pa, say bye to everyone back here. all in all it was a good trip.
    ps. jim i brought some crazy beers back for ya for your collection, if you already got em id be suprised,,, shoot me a pm if you want em
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    Jeff, thanks for thinking about me, you KNOW I want'em:wink::smile2: I'll probably take a trip over to School Creek tomorrow with Cody for his run, then hit Rebbeca road, been catchin some Blues and Channels there. Got my biggest Channel of the year there the other evening, a 5. lbr, on a piece of Drum.:wink::smile2: