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I went last September back home to visit my family in Louisiana(I now live right outside Nashville,TN).It had been 2 years since I had left Louisiana after Katrina.My dad had called me during that summer and told me he had a big surprise for me but I had to come on down to get it.So I planned for the trip,got accommodations set,and took a well deserved vacation.I told my dad I really had no desire to really do anything while I was down there but to go fishing.He said sure since he had gotten a new boat he was rather excited to take me fishing the whole weekend..So me,my Uncle Ron(my wifes uncle)and my oldest daughter Kate set out on the 13hr drive to Harvey Louisiana.When we arrived I went to visit with my brother and my dad that night and they told me they had a "welcome home" party for me planned the next evening.My dad and my sisters father-in-law went and run some crab traps that evening so we were planning to have a big-ole crab boil.

Hmmm they were delicious..I hadn't realized how much I missed eating boiled seafood till that day.The party went on without a hitch,everyone in my family came out to visit.I was talking to my aunt and I told her that if I didn't come home with an ice chest of shrimp my wife would shoot me..She said well its a good thing your cousin just got back from shrimping for 3 days offshore and he had a couple thousand pounds.I had to rush to catch him cause he was heading out of town to sell them but he gave me over 50lbs of shrimp.The next day we were gonna head out to go fishing but stormy weather prevented us from hitting the water so I just hung out with my brother most of the day and had some Popeyes chicken and a Barqs rootbeer which was also a treat.The next morning my dad pulls up with his new boat and we head out to go do some fishing.

It was a hot day and the fish were not cooperating but we did eventually get into a mess of bream,a few largmouth,a few small channel cats,and some "rat" reds..Heres my dad.

Heres my brother(my brother is blind by the way).

And me with one of the reds.

While coming in from fishing we passed my my grandparents and my dads old camp.It is no longer livable and was pretty much destroyed by the storm but the sight brought back years of memories.

My dad said he was gonna sell it cause he can't get anyone to help him rebuild.This saddened me greatly.So I finally asked my dad whats this big surprise you got for me.He said well since I got a new boat I thought I'd give you my old boat.I was shocked.My dad loved that boat cause it was home-made.He made me promise to never sell it.And I told him I would never sell such a sentimental gift.Heres the boat my dad built and gave me.

Some hand-me-down huh??It pained me dearly to return back to Tennessee and leave my family behind.God has truly blessed me with a great family.Anyways I just wanted to share with my new found friends here at the BOC some of my wonderful and most memorable trips back home in Louisiana.
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