My three-way rig problem! 3-way swivel

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by LadyValea1, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. LadyValea1

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    Fort Worth, Tex
    Hi, I use a three-way rig. using a heavy-duty three-way swivel I bought at the bass pro shop. to one ring, I tie a 24" leader to a hook and to another ring a 12" lighter weight leader with a sinker .

    I use a lighter leader to the sinker case I get stuck, I can break free a bit easier... I use cured liver or shad, cut bait..

    The problem is, my leader to the hook and the leader to the sinker weight get twisted together a lot!!! I'm always having to untwist the darn things before I cast out! Plus, I think sometimes the darn thing twists in mid-air makes knots or get weird on me sometimes:embarassed:

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? any suggestions? :tounge_out:
    thanks Lady v
  2. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    Try using a very stiff mono line for the hook leader, so it stands out from the sinker line.


  3. LadyValea1

    LadyValea1 New Member

    Fort Worth, Tex
    that sounds like a good idea....what brand has a stiff line? Do you mean the thickness of the diameter of the line? or weight? I never thought of that....thanks?
  4. bigblaze

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    The stiff mono will help somewhat but the three way your using, you said it was from BPS. was it a "y" type or a "T" type....

    What I'm getting at is BPS sells a "T" type of three way swivel it's a saltwater series type swivel but with the "T" design it helps separate your line more than the conventional "Y" type....

    I also use a small cork on the hook side to help keep the bait off the bottom...

    Since I switched to that "T" type of swivel my number of tangles has greatly reduced....

    Hope this helps and good luck!!!
  5. LadyValea1

    LadyValea1 New Member

    Fort Worth, Tex
  6. Itch2Scratch

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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
  7. shortbus

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    Is there a reason you use the three way rig? So you can use a smaller test lb for the sinker? There are a lot of different ways to rig besides the three way. Look in the BOC library and see if you can't find another rig that will work if your having troubles. A good rig for fishing snags is the same rig your using except the leader for the sinker is only about 5" long and is made of the same lb testas the main line. Tie it to your "Y" swivle and on the other end put 3 BIG splitshots on. When the splitshots hang up you just pull and they will slide right off the mono leader. Replace splitshots and your back to fishing. The short leader can be made shorter and of heavier lb test to keep from tangling.
  8. Alsey

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    I use three-way swivels all the time. One problem you may have is when you pull the knots tight on the swivel cut the tag ends down to about 1/8 inch or they'll catch the line and cause it to "wrap up". Another thing, I make the drop to my weight about 18 inches and the drop to my hook about 10-12 inches.
    I use T and Y style 3-way swivels. I like the T's better.
    Some times the way you hook your bait will cause it to spin like a propeller when you reel it it and that will also cause the line to wrap up.
  9. Arkansascatman777

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    The best thing you could do is switch to a carolina rig. But if you are fishing in current and need to stay with the 3-way rig then stay with the 18 to 24 inch leader ( using lighter # test if you wish ) but attach your sinker to this and not the hook. Now rig up a 4 to 6 inch drop for the hook. After throwing it out reel in the slack this will keep your bait suspended off the bottom. Using the length leaders that you have been will be a constant mess.
  10. Coyote1

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    Dear Sister Tina;
    First of all, "WELCOME ABOARD! We are GLAD to have YOU As a member of the BOC":big_smile:
    Now, about your three way problem.
    I see the other Brother's have given you a couple different ways to try so I am going to give you one more option you might consider trying, if not now, then some day later on "down the road". :smile2:
    It's called a "Sinker Slider". I know for a fact that Catfish Connection has them <<< >>>
    and I am fairly sure that Bass Pro and Cabela's has them too although I do not know if they call them "Sinker Sliders" or some "shop" name unique to each store's name?
    However, like Bass Pro and Cabela's, Catfish Connection has a free catalog and for strictly Catfishing supplies I find their like of merchandise that they carry to be very competitively priced! In fact, if your going after really "Large Trophy Sized" Catfish you will find the hooks and such, more to the sizes you need vs. what you can find at Cabela's or Bass Pro. Neither Cabela's or Bass Pro cater specifically to the "Pro Katters" or us serious BOC members. Bass Pro's name speaks for itself as to whom they cater too and Cabela's wants to cater to everybody { of course:lol: } but I have found some help in their Saltwater Catalog from time to time.
    IF, you call Catfish Connection ask for "STACY" and tell her that "Coyote" sent/refereed you and she will take care of you personally to the best of her abilities. :smile2:
    Oh, Catfish Connection: Phone: 1-800-929-5025/Fax: 1-217-562-4146.
    Cabela's is: 1-800-237-4444
    Bass Pro is: 1-800-227-7776
    Hope this helps you out a bit. If there is ever anything else I can help you with please don't hesitate to contact me. I can safely say that is also true of the other Brother's and Sister's too!:wink: Help and free opinions, advice, ect, is available and all you have to do is A-S-K. If anything, you might get a bit overwhelmed by all the responses but just read them all and apply what works best for you. :big_smile:
    By the way, if you ever have anything to share, please, PLEASE, Post It! We are always looking for different, better, ways to do things and if you get a "BIGGUNN", let us know that too. That way you keep OUR HOPES UP, and we get to CHEER and Congratulate YOU Too! :big_smile: :lol:
    Fraternally and Cordially,
    [[[[[End of Post]]]]]
  11. jailcop2

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    I have gone to a Pasternost rig "see the library " with the weight attached to the drop line ,bait above . This seems to have elliminated the twist problem for me .
  12. dinkbuster1

    dinkbuster1 New Member

    that used to drive me nuts also lol. its almost guarenteed to twist when your reeling in, i just hold the hook and pull on the sinker and it comes undone pretty easy. if it twists in mid-air dont worry about it, the current will untwist those minor ones.
  13. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Tina, I use a simple and effective three-way rig. I have never had much luck using swivels, believe it or not they tend to cause twist rather than eliminating it. I simply tie my hook dropper in the middle of my line. First I tie my sinker on at the end of my line, then about 24 inches above that I put the hook on by making a loop in the line, feed the loop threw the eye, then put the hook threw this loop and cinch it down. then by holding the hook in one hand take and feed the hook threw a knotted loop three times letting the hook stick out about 5 or 6 inches. I find with a heavier mono, this rig is very effective and rarely twists. This rig can be modified by leaving a tag end of the heavier line and then put a lighter sinker drop on it. Vern
  14. kscathunter

    kscathunter New Member

    A short leader on one or the other helps alot. Something like a 6-8" leader and 18'' on the sinker or a 12-18'' leader and a 4'' sinker line. depending on were your fishing.
  15. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    I have the same problem and was considering going to the bait store and getting those crappie rigs with the wire arms and replacing the hooks with good ones since i only fish for channel cats here.
  16. three_rivers

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    Tupelo Ar
    Had the same problem using three way swivels so i went back to a two way swivel. Tie my main line to one end. On that same end, i put my sinker then my hook and leader goes on the other end by itself. The ball bearing two way swivels is the way to go...
  17. LiquidSteel

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    La Vista N
    I use the "Y" type also. I use a steel leader on my hooks, and a mono leader to the weight.
  18. Catfishhunter

    Catfishhunter New Member

    Lanesville, In.
    Tina, I agree with Jim. I think most of the line twist comes when you reel your line in. I started using the T swivel here lately and tying the main line to the center eye and it seems to help with line twist. Hope this helps...
  19. gadzooks

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    I don't use three ways. Swivels are a potential weak link, barrel swivels especially, and none are weaker than three ways. I do use a swivel, but rig carolina style. When I've used a dropper weight, I attach it to a swivel that slides up and down my line. Its a smaller swivel than the one for my main line.
  20. bigtimeblues

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    missouri, macon
    I've always preferred using two barrel swivels. When your rigging up run one swivel up your line (thru the eye not tied on) and a couple of plastic beads after it. Then tie on your second swivel. Tie your leader to your hook on this one. Then tie a lighter line to your loose swivel and tie on your weight. This way if it snags up your only out a weight and can get free easier. How long the leader to your hook is depends on the current. I go with a shorter leader in faster current. This setup works good for me anyways.