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Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by Phil Washburn, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Phil Washburn

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    LOL.. i find it interesting that the pats have a better record than 3 of the NFCs 6 playoff teams. and the pats didn't make it. the chargers made it in with an 8-8 record, and 11-5 wasn't good enough for new england. no sour grapes here, just an observation on my part. all the pats had to do was win one more game. they didn't get it done.

    the vikes are a sorry team. all they need is a coach and a QB....the best running back in the game didn't even get to smell the ball in the 4th does childress justify that, when all their points came from AD?

    i can only hope that minnesota either drafts Sam Bradford, or that they trade AD to the pats:big_smile:

    you folks have a good year in 09!
  2. LilRyjoe04

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    Well Phil, I can see why you are kind of upset about the Pats not making it with a 11-5 record, and the Dolphins got lucky and they are a horrible team.LOL! The Colt's went from sizzling hot, to what in the hell happened?LOL! And yes the Vikes are a joke! All you have to do is put two guys spying on Adrian, and who's going to beat you Tarvaris Jackson? Yah right! That guy is a joke! Oh well Phil, let's just sit back and lick our wounds. I just we have to wait and see what next season brings.:embarassed:

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    My thoughts on the playoffs........ I hate to POINT this out Phil..:eek:oooh: but the patriots aint in the playoffs:wink::smile2::tounge_out: choked in the clutch:wink::tounge_out::confused2:
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    Holy Sh@&t! LilRyjoe is still alive!

    I feel for ya! I'd be pissed to if an inferior team goes to playoffs. The AFC EAST was stacked this year! The Reskins and Cowboys didn't make the playoffs either because they were in a tough division.

    As for the Viking (the Chargers of the NFC), that's what happens when you play in weak divsion. 8-8 will win you a division. Tarvaris Jackson hasno reason playing QB in the NFL. If Brad Childress don't do something quick, Adrian Peterson will be like Barry Sanders.
  5. Phil Washburn

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    actually, Sam, that isn't true. Brady went down with injury to start the season and the pats played catch up the rest of the year....and did a darn good job of it too, i might add. no clutch choking there...they won some clutch games to keep them in the race up 'til the very last. i expected them to make the playoffs, but i also believe 10 and 6 will get you in. not this year.

    of the 12 teams to make the playoffs, the pats were as good, or better, than 7 of them. just a tough year for them.

    and LilRyjoe04, glad to see you back:big_smile:

    we missed you around here:wink: and no, i am not real unhappy about the pats missing it. they have treated me pretty good the last few years....and some of it at your expense:smile2:

    i am much more unhappy with adrian peterson being used up by a team that really needs him, but has no clue as to how make that talent pay off.

    and, Blacky, i am not sure any inferior teams made it to the playoffs. everyone of them did what it took to make it in, in their division.

    now are there some teams in the playoffs MUCH superior to others in there? YES.

    anyhow, kind of a bland year in the NFL for me this year...i just hope the sooners pull it out for me:smile2:
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    the colts were kind of deceiving! they limped through and had luck on their side ALOT throughout the season and the vikings and chargers are decent teams but just dont have the right tools to make it complete althought the chargers are coming around right nicely at the right time and they really should have been 9-7 :roll_eyes:!! the patriots did get the worst end of the deal but the reason being the way the division works out if it was just afc and nfc and top six records for both sides got in would be better and get the BEST teams in!!
  7. Dano

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    I didn't get to watch much football this year or I would have been in here having some fun.
    I'm still eating crow from last year Pats loosing last game. LOL.

    I did watch a few games. most all the cowboy games and some of the Pats games.
    Since Cowboys have been miss manage by Jerry, that has taken the fun out for me on the
    Cowboys. And Brady went down first game of season kind of put a damper on my fun.
    I still enjoyed Bret F.

    Also the Colts. They didn't play as well and I enjoyed watching them. It was more fun
    when Pats and Colt fans had BS going back and forth in here. LOL

    I was sure the Pats would make the playoffs. Guess they did pretty good after loosing Brady but, Brady will be back next year to take the SB again. LOL That's if, his knee holds out and the line protects him from another injury like that.
    Nothing last forever. Teams wear down. A good rest and Colts, Pats and maybe Jerry Jones Cowboys will be back on top next year.

    Since Pats are out, I would have like to seen Colts and Gaints face each other in SB. Anyway, I'm hoping to see the Giants win back to back.

    Never thought I would go for the Gaints. They always been a big pain to the Cowboys. :tounge_out:
  8. Wally

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    Have a GREAT New Year Fellas!!

    HERE WE GO !!!