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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by pitbull1078, May 26, 2009.

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    I been reading alot today since its been raining and I have noticed alot of bashing for keeping fish. Now I dont keep everything I catch but if its edible I keep it. Growing up we kept every fish we caught thats how we fed the family. Im the same way today. I been laid off since and ends are tight right so if I have to fish to feed my family then I shall do so. Everybody wants that huge catch of a lifetime and so do I but when I see that fish I think of how many meals I can have with that fish.

    I noticed there was a guy that donated the meat of his 98 fish catch and thats awesome in my book. He wasnt being greedy he gave it to a great cause.

    To each there own I say but I really dont think joe blow needs to bash old man pete for keeping his fish. Kinda like deer hunting I reckon. You eat what you catch or kill.
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    I actually found this sight after seeking some info on trotline fishing on another catfish site, I got several responces that suggested I go elsewhere because they mainly promoted cpr--(catch, photo, release) I was brought up kinda like you mentioed, you caught it or shot it cause you were going to eat it, I catch and release a lot of bass but I will also keep a few eaters once in a while, I eat most smaller catfish (3/4---10 #) we caught a big channel at Mark Twain Lake and released it, we kept 5 "eaters" I will not "bash anyone for keeping fish, they pay for the license to do whatever they want "legally"--If all would use good judgement there will be big fish and eaters for many years to come.

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    Gents the BOC supports all legal methods of fishing, always has, and always will.

    I do get some flack about not pushing CPR harder, but in reality, if we alienated those who keep fish, we would only be talking to people who believed in a certain aspect of harvest.

    We are slowly making waves with others like John Jamison through our sister site , but I dont push it down anybodies throat.
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    Graham, Texas,
    usually its not about trying to bash anybody about keeping fish its more about making sure people arent keeping and cleaning and just letting the meat go to waste imo theres too many people out there that either just clean everything and then it sits in the freezer till the freezer goes out and it all spoils or they take em all home and eat them which is fine but the ones that let it all spoil is where the bashing comes in we all know it happens or have seen it happen just hate to see fish go to waste you all know how it is
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    I like to catch and release primarily because it took me so long to find the fish spots that I am currently on. I am sort of experimenting to find out if these fish will stay put where I release them back to. So far it seems to be working...though I can't really say if these are the same fish that I am catching over and over? If they are, then that is what I think that CPR is all about. Release to catch again another day (hopefully by me and my boys:smile2:)...

    Serioulsy though, if someone is fishing to put food on the table then hands down, heck yeah, you keep what you catch as long as the water pollution is not too bad. If some one gives you heart ache about that, they better at least have a t-bone in hand to offer as an alternative! Good luck to ya!
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    I hate it when I read a post on here and some people are downing others for this and that. If they're not hurting anyone or anything, then what is the point of bashing them? I do CPR, but I'm not going to cram it down someone's throat. A couple of years ago I was a member of the old forum(brotherhood-of-catfishermen .com) I ran into two aholes, and after a few days of their nasty comments I never did sign back on. When I joined the boc again about a year ago, I had no intentions of sticking around. I wanted some info on a lake I had never been to. After i got the info I was going to be done. However I did stick around and I'm glad I did. But every time I see someone jump on another member. I have to wonder if the same thing will happen to them as it did to me, and they won't be back. Its sad to think that we could loose good members over this.
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    I think catch and release is best if you fishing an area that is over fished, for instance I fish at poverty point res. in my area. It its avery young lake{8 years old} it is part of the delta that was rice fields at one time. Because of this the alge bloom is real healthy and has a excellent bait fish population. It was stocked with fish but some also came in through the bayou when it was flooded and filled in. now the catfish population is awesome, 10lbs channels are common and i myself pulled a 21lbs blue from this lake which is extremly small by the way, i can be anywhere on it in less than ten. Well, after two or three reviews in the state sportsman mag that bragged on the fishery as one of the best in the state, well lets just say on some days you can almost walk across the lake on the bow of the boats that are out. this place has slot limits on bass but other that that they are pretty liberal. In this stituation if somebody dont practice catch and release, i fear for the fishery. Over time this has to hurt this place. even this past weekend it was so crowded i just went somewhere else. I know its hard on some people with this economy, even me, so if a man is feeding his family, that far outways any catch and release practice. sorry if I'm rambling
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    I mostly do CPR with my freshwater fish.... It kind of "grinds me some" when I hear of some of the local here in Ca .. that talk about the contents of the stomachs of the woppers they catch.... need to do more CPR boys..... the flatheads needs some local help... and we might as well go to the San Diego lakes as well.... Let the big ens go.. and spread the genes... eat all the smaller ones that you need....Let some one else catch the bigen... maybe it will be a small kid.. and make his day big time.

    Bayrunner Ray
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    This is a good subject....& a hair raiser with that being said I aint kicking the horse... B.O.C. Tight Lines!:cool2:
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    Its a shame people have to be immature about it. I'm CPR on %99.9 fish but that's my choice, and I'm glad to be able to have that choice.

    I honestly haven't seen any bashing in some time now. I do see people make comments about how they wish other peoples fish were released, buts that's hardly bashing.
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    Concordia, KS
    I don't have anything against anyone keeping fish to eat (big or small). The ones (big or small) that get wasted because they didn't feel like cleaning them are the ones that will get the businesses from me. I believe in releasing the big ones, but I also believe in your right to eat any fish you catch legally.
  12. Fishmaster1203

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    Here in Georgia, we have no creel or size limit on catfish. I have nothing against anybody that wants to keep some fish to eat. I do however think there should be a limit, especially on the big blues and flatheads. Both Alabama and Tennessee now have a one catfish over 34 inches per person per day limit with no limit on smaller fish and the two states have some of the best catfishing to be found anywhere. Keep the small ones to eat and release at least some of the big ones so they can reproduce. Doing so will help insure there are always plenty of small ones to eat.
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    I feel the same way.I CPR most of the fish I catch btua few times a year I do like to fish fry and I will keep what I catch.If some one is fishing for food then thats there bussiness your not gonna hear any crap from me.
  14. flathunter

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    If you want to have less fish to catch eat them...If you want to have more fish to catch release them.

    I release all of mine because I want to catch them again.

    I would like to see laws in place here in Ohio to make keeping any flathead illegal.
  15. CuzICan

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    Fayetteville, A
    All things in nature have a "job" to do. When nature gets out of balance, which happens, sometimes due to natural events, sometimes due to man's intervention, the results can be UGLY.

    That being said, I think that we have a responsibility as fisherman/hunters to abide by the laws in place, as they are not there "just because". We are some of the best conservationists in the world if we do it right, and I think it's up to the individual to do what he thinks is right, according to the laws in place.

    I support CPR, but I love to eat fish too. I don't think the big fish are nearly as good eating as the smaller, that's just my personal opinion. Sometimes John will go fishing and I'll tell him, bring some home, we are out! But I would NOT expect or want him to bring home some huge fish to fill the freezer with. Nor would he do that.

    I have nothing against anyone that feeds their family using what is available to us in nature, I was raised on that kind of mentality as long as they aren't breaking the laws in place. I think we as fishermen/women should use some common sense where those laws are in concerned too.

    I would support limits on fish over X inches any day of the week. But I don't think I have the right to dictate to someone else what they do in regard to the limits/laws in place. If they are legal, it's really not up to me to make that decision for them. I don't like to see things misused or wasted for man's pleasure or ego. I think that is a selfish notion that we will all pay for in the end. I appreciate those that return big catches to the waters, so that all can enjoy the sport.

    I think that there needs to be continuing studies and counts on populations on a regular basis for that reason, with limits/laws adjusted accordingly and hope that all of our states are doing their jobs in that area.
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    Waynesboro Pa.
    The states all have laws in place put there by the college educated folks that have spent tons of money our tax money to figure out what is best for each state. That being said we the people who acutaly fish for the fish have a differnt opion sometimes. I for one do like to eat what I catch within reason. I also hunt and nothing goes to waste in this house. I fish for trout wich are state stocked and have no problem keeping them and eating them. I usally get a mess or two of crappies and keep a few bass no and then. Cats to me are a differnt story. I love fishing for them and they are my favorite fish to eat. On the other hand I don't want to damage the reproductive process of these grat fish. If anyone has the info on the spawn for each type and a good rule of thumb on what size to keep or let go that would be helpful. I also fish maryland and they have a do not release on flatheads so how do I get around that. Just let them go anyways. I sure do not want to cut there gills and throw them back in like I have seen some do or just leave them on the bank like others. To me thats a waste flatheads taste great and it just makes me sick when I see this. So do I keep every flathead I catch and then have none to fish for and do I slip them back in the water. Seems there has to be some middle ground somewhere.
  17. 40oz

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    Gun Barrel Tx
    Most of the time I will throw back anything over 3-4 lbs, seems like the smaller cats taste better
  18. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    Easy, obey the law. Flatheads are not native to many areas of the country and can devastate native fish species. That is why some states do not want them released.
    As you said, they taste good too.
    Not sure what it is your asking for. I, myself, wouldn't gauge CPR on spawning times, but on size. There are many topics in the BOC Library covering this, but I can try to give you a basic idea.
    Simple actually. The biggest catfish in each species, get the best locations to nest. While the bigger ones do produce a bit more eggs than their smaller relatives, the main reason for CPR'ing the bigger fish is because studies have shown that the bigger fish are able to protect their fry better than smaller fish and thus more fry survive. Some predators may sneak in on a small cats nest to eat the fry, but if they tried that to a big cat, they might just get eaten themselves. There are no foolproof rule of thumbs to go by as to what size to CPR. A 10 lb blue might be a good place to start, but a 10 lb channel is a trophy in most states. Where you fish can have a huge impact on what size you determine for a cutoff. It's far too personal of a decision for somebody else to decide for you, your going to have to decide yourself.

    I am so glad that this topic, which in the past would have started a war by now, has been discussed with calmness & clarity. I could not agree more than what some of you have posted concerning as long as it's legal and nothing wasted, it is a personal choice we all have to make. I would venture to say that few, if any of us, ever considered CPR until we came to the BOC and began learning why some folks feel it is so important. It was a learning experience for us and the more we learn, the more likely we can make an informed decision instead of just,"it's the way I was raised". That was a different time period for all of us and nobody even thought about it back in those days. The only argument I hear that I take issue with is the one given for not releasing due to "My family needs the food". If your that hard up, cancel your internet & sell your computer to buy food for goodness sake.
  19. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    Didn't read all the replies, for time's sake, but I will say, don't eat TOO many catfish. The mercury levels are VERY high in them in most areas of the country. A local river rat here actually got mercury poisoning from eating them and it almost killed him. Most warning signs I see at the landings all over the southeast warn against eating them often. I won't eat catfish over one day a month. The warnings are not an opinion, but a fact. Don't poison your family by overfeeding them catfish!

    Bill in SC
  20. Jollymon

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    Wilm .N.C
    Taking off from what Bill in S C said once the fish gets the mercury in them it continues to build up in them ,thus the larger an or older fish have a higher percentage of mercury in them than the smaller fish do.
    Just that alone is a good reason to release the big ones