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My sons first fish.

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My son Cody will be 4 in November, and I took him fishing a few weeks ago to see if we could get him his first fish. I wasn't fishing for catfish, just bluegill or whatnot, we where fishing in a country club pond that my girlfriends sister lives by. We used a small nightcrawler set up with a bobber about a foot up from it. This is what we caught.

Of course I helped him with the pole and reel some, but he brought it in, it's his fish.


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NICE FISH! I'm hoping my grandson can hook into something like that soon.
Nice fish, it is always good to see kids getting into fishing.
Great fish for a first timer!!!

I'm sure that he will remember it for years.
Yes, it is a nice cat. Another catfisherman joins the ranks.
Grunt, save them pics! Ain't nothing compares to their first.
(like that "screamin eagles" patch)
Its always good seeing youngsters like him going out with his dad, on the lake catching fish and making memories......I remember my very first catch, it was a 42 inch Nothern....Here in Wisconsin.....That was the biggest fight of my life.....All I remember was I saw this family of ducks swimming near us, and one got engulfed by this fish.....SO I started to throws lures down from them....and that is when that "Monster" hit me...took me nearly 20 minutes to pull it in.....What a fight for someone who was only 6...
Hey Grunt you have gone and doneit now won't be able to go by yourself ever again and when you do you'll miss him . Won't either of you ever forget that fish but save the pictures for his kids. Way to go Cody keep on fishing :) :)
Hey grunt11b,

That is really great. Congrats to Cody!

That picture says it all! Priceless!!

Larry (polecatter)
Congrats!! Nice looking fish. You got a great fisherman there!!
Thats a nice fish, Just think about when he gets older. He will be the one breakin the records.
Ur son did a nice job!
Now that's what it's all about right there!!!!!!!!! You've gotta' be one proud dad for sure!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! God bless.
WTG Cody!!!
Your hooked for life now buddy!!! Nice Fish!!!
Congrats on the nice catch there. being his first fish i think i would have had it mounted so he could look at it and remember that time when he got it.

Good job
Like said above. Now that's what it is all about!!!! Making memories together.
Frank :grin-big:
Grunt there aint nothing like watching our kid's catch that first fish...Congrad's Cody
When you are my age (60) that will still be one of the best days of your life.Seeing it made a great day for me.Keep up the good work.Thanks for sharing it with us.
Nice fish. You have one heck of a fishing buddy now.
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