My son's first buck

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    After shooting a good buck this morning, I took my 8 year old son out this afternoon to try to shoot his first buck. We went over to a place I hunt by Duke, Oklahoma & settled in WAY early this afternoon....about 1 o'clock. My son was driving me absolutely bonkers in the blind, he wanted to rattle, he wanted to go somewhere else, hey dad... hey dad.... is all I heard for about 3 hours. I kept telling him, son just be patient. When they start moving, they're really gonna be moving this evening. The rut is going full blast here right now and the deer have really been moving well. Well, sure enough at about 4 o'clock, the deer parade started. My son has a maximum effective range with his rifle of about 80 yards. I needed to try to get him close to a buck to get him down. At 4 pm, we spotted a buck chasing a doe about 500 yards north of us, so we got out of the blind and started hoofing it across the tall grass trying to get to him. They were moving in and out of some salt cedar thickets, and by the time we started getting close to them, they'd kinda vanished. We got on top of a terrace and waited a few minutes, when I saw a buck bolt out off a ridge west of us and head for those salt cedars. He was a good one. Wide, tall tines, I think he would've been a typical 10 but his left side was jacked up somehow, there was some nontypical stuff going on. Man, I thought that would've been a really cool buck for my son's first. We hoofed it the last 100 yards to where the buck had gone into the thicket and set up, hoping he'd come back out and present a shot. Then we started seeing some cattle moving around a few hundred yards past where we were watching for the buck, and I told my son we were gonna give up on that buck. I just don't feel comfortable allowing my 8 year old to shoot around anyone's cattle. I wouldn't want someone doing that to me, and I won't do it to anyone else either. Bummer. We headed back to the blind & were gonna move all of our gear down to a little clump of trees between the blind and a deer feeder, so that we could get a little closer shot if a buck went into the corn feeder. Before we could even get all of our gear out of the blind, this buck stepped out and started heading our way. He never even looked at the feeder, just kept coming towards us. I asked my son if he wanted to shoot this one, or wait for a bigger one & he said "I wanna shoot THAT buck!!!" I set up the shooting sticks for my boy and gave him the rifle & let him settle in. The buck presented him a perfect broadside shot at 50 yards and my boy closed the deal. Anyway, this is him. He's a 6 pt that weighed 150 pounds. My boy shot him with a 6mm Remington rifle, and I don't think he could've been much more proud.

    On a funny sidenote, after admiring his deer and filling out his tag, we went back to the blind to wait until dark because we had another friend of ours with his son still hunting out there. When we got to the blind, my son asked if we could rattle now & I agreed to let him. Boom...... he rattled up a really nice 10 to 40 yards. Grrrr :confused2: man, I should've let that boy rattle when he wanted to, because now I've gotta hear about how he could've had a nice 10 instead of the 6. HA!!!!:smile2: All in all, this was the best day of hunting I'd ever had.

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    First deer are first deer lol. Glad ya take the time, he will no doubt become a good hunter. Congrats now get that boy some range time and he will be drillen 1/2 groups at 100 yards in no time. Cool ya use a steady stcks its how my kids shoot to. LIL snipers lol.

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    congrats man, anytime you get to hunt with your boy will be memories he and you wont ever forget...
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    congrats thats a day yall will always remember!!!
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    Excellent Memory created that day to savor the rest of your lives.
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    great report.....i love to see parents take up time with there children...:big_smile:
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    Thats great,Jerrod. Sounds like he's off to a great start.

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    Thell him congrats from Team Catfish!
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    Congrats to him and thanks to you!!
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    Nothing is more rewarding , Great story ! Great job dad!
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