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I had to help him a bit, considering it was a hand me down "spiderman" rod from his cousin, and on 5lb test! I thought some of you may enjoy this, bringing it in on that rod was one of the best fights I had in a long time. I cut some of the fight to keep it interesting, it took almost 10 mins just to get it in between the both of us.

Also, I am not a huge fan of paylakes, but I spent all summer at this particular paylake. I personally got to know the owner, and he really loves/takes care of his fish! Some people don't like the place because of all the rules protecting the fish, but I think its great. Also, I documented visiting this paylake 1-2 every week, all summer long. I am really looking forward to sharing everything we caught in a big compilation video. So if you do enjoy this video, subscribe to the channel!

(This is my first post! I can't wait to share some of our catfish adventures with everyone, and join the catfishing community!)
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